1. suecheshireuk

    Confused... Turkish wills.

    I was under the impression that even if you made a will, your assets were distributed according to the Turkish law, can anyone enlighten me please, though personal experience, I am hearing conflicting stories and wondering if a will will be worth the paper it is written on. Thanks. xx
  2. Tenpin


    Hi Not sure if anyone can clarify this for me. Private firms concerned over minimum wage rise - ECONOMICS I'm reading news articles regarding the suggestion of increasing the minimum wage in Turkey. But, they keep saying the minimum wage should increase from TL 1000 to 1300. Now, unless I'm...
  3. suzyq

    Confused Taxi Driver

    The Esenboğa Airport in the Turkish capital Ankara was on full alert on July 24 when a car somehow ended up at the start of the runway, ready for take-off. The unprecedented incident, which was reported for the first time by daily Hürriyet on Aug. 27, began when a 63-year-old driver flew to...
  4. juco

    Ebay, I am confused

    I sold an item on ebay. Buyer states not quite what he was looking for can he return item. I said OK and will reimburse when item received. This started a `returns` case on ebay. He had to return by the 10 Feb. The item was never returned. I contact ebay and they close the case in my favour so I...
  5. mollag

    Now im confused!

    The UK PM said people did not have the right to 'wreak vengeance' if offended Prime Minister David Cameron has disagreed with a comment made by Pope Francis, who warned against mocking others' religions. Following the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the Pope made his point by saying...
  6. S


    Looking for a penthouse in the peninsula, around Yalikavak, Gumuslik and Gundogan none seem to be within 500 metres and still have views unless your a millionaire, is this due to lay out and hills? Would love to walk to a sandy beach within 400 metres, any idea where to look anyone? Selene
  7. juco

    Confused CCTV v Home surveillance

    From what I can gather you can film in public places and it is not illegal in the UK. We are also on CCTV many times a day in town centers etc. Yet if I film someone outside my property on a home surveillance system that violates data protection. Anyone know the specific legalities of all this?
  8. C

    Confused about Visa

    Hello all! I havent commented on the site for a while, but always find the info provided really useful. Can someone help with the following: I'm getting mixed info as to whether or not I should obtain an e-visa for travel from the UK to Turkey. An email from Easyjet informs that I require a...
  9. P

    Help re: Turkish visa - confused

    Hi icame turkey to 24 july 2013 left on 17 october 2013 I just came in agian yesterday 1 feb been told im only allowed to stay 16 day I booked come for 3 weeks is this right ? What happen if I dont go after 16 day stay 3 week I dont understand visz rules thankyo anyone can help :) I...
  10. Jaycey

    Very confused!

    VERY CONFUSED! In Turkey the TLF sight was working fine but since we moved to Ukraine things have become very confusing. The pages come up in a mixture of English and Turkish with all the drop downs in Turkish … And if I click the ‘Translate to English’ the English text disappears! And...
  11. P

    Totally confused!

    Hi, thinking of buying a new car here in Bodrum. Went to the Dacia garage and he told me M-Plate not necessary for a foreign buyer once I have my ikamet. I thought I had to have an M plate as a foreigner. Am I wrong or was he giving me misinformation? Mary
  12. SLEEPY


    Not in any way a fan of the Daily Mail but can someone confirm whether all these millions of johnny foreigners go to Britain to steal your jobs or claim benefits?
  13. C

    Moving for my boyfriend and the adventure

    I met my boyfriend 5 months ago in turkey. I'm 19, living in England and he is 30 living in turkey. I know it's a large age gap but don't focus too much on that as we're used to it and get on amazingly. It has always been the plan that I would move to his city, Ankara, at some point in the...
  14. S

    citizenship.. confused :(

    Hi i really hope somebody can help us. I and my turkish husband married in the UK in 2006, we have 2 children. My husband was previously married to a uk citizen in turkey, but that marriage ended before we started a relationship. My husband got a divorce filed in the uk that was finalised, we...
  15. M

    Right I'm confused...

    Good Morning! I'm coming across to the Lakeside Garden resort, in August, with my much better half. Upon reading this forum and information regarding the resort we're staying at, it would appear that there are several resorts within close proximity. I've noticed that some posters are...
  16. Q

    I'm confused

    It appears that the city of Adana has been nearly brought to a standstill celebrating the victory of the Galatasaray Champions. And before that, I've seen people selling banners for the team for the past few days. I assumed they were an Adana team because of the display of team spirit (I...
  17. K

    Confused and worried...

    story so far...entered turkey on a tourist visa with intention to apply for residency while there. did so before tourist visa expired in manavgat where we live. police told me to go back later to pick up the permit. had to return to UK before receving the permit. at the airport in antalya...
  18. C

    Confused again!

    Is it true that if you have your tapu with all the ticks in the right place and all your utilities/taxes in your name that a habitation certificate will definitely have been issued? Have tried to get a copy of hab. cert. but council couldn't seem to find it. Have been told not to worry because...
  19. shirleyanntr

    confused over social networks

    is anybody else as confused as i am with all the different places ..after getting used to Facebook..just...i joined up for twitter..and didnt really know what is was all about..i still dont understand it anyway i tweeted on Twitter yesterday.. and lo and behold my tweets(!) are now on my...
  20. Mushtaq

    Red meat linked with cancer or not, confused?

    Well here we go again, today I have seen headlines from different papers contradicting one another, different researchers (different sources of funds most probably) come up with different recommendations :hmm: Anyway see if you can make some sense out of this lot. TOO MUCH RED MEAT CAN GIVE...
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