1. immac

    Condom Sales to Crash

    If you are holding stocks of condoms in Turkey, you should sell! sell! sell! From Independent: extract "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said “no Muslim family” should practice contraception and urged women to have more children. Speaking at an educational foundation in Istanbul on...
  2. Carolyn

    Return of the female condom

    According to an article on the BBC News website the female condom is set to return. Lots of boring reading but the I came to the following paragraph towards the end of the article. "Since the Origami condom is made from silicon, it has the added benefit of being reusable - it can be washed in...
  3. Susan

    Experts issue condom warning

    Not sure how you get the right size or measurement of these, maybe you try them on like a pair of shoes, or do they measure you like for a bra to find out what cup size you require. Or when asked what size are you Sir, will it be a bit like the fish they caught lol. Below taken from MSN uK...
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