1. Kingfisher

    Erdoğan’s prison conditions in 1999

    This article was an eye-opener for me. Erdo?an?s prison conditions in 1999 - MEHMET Y. YILMAZ
  2. S

    Travel Insurance with exsisting med conditions

    Hi TLF members, tried to renew our travel insurance to include exsisting medical conditions this year and the quotes are unbelievably expensive, more than the cost of the holiday!! The only thing thats changed for us in the last 12 mnths is a chest infection recovered and high cholestrol and...
  3. B

    Road conditions and mains water

    What progress, if any, on the roads from Yali to Gumusluk and onwards - and is there any news on mains water to the Koyunbaba area?
  4. H

    Conditions of Turkish Residence Visa or Extended Tourist Visa

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I am intending to get an extension of my tourist visa to take me to the end of October although I may end up getting the full year if the costs and time required is the same. However I may need to go back to England for 6 weeks over the summer and I was wondering if...
  5. kale

    Travel Insurance for pre-existing conditions

    Anyone no of an reasonable insurance for pre-existing condition , Forgot who we used last year, Cheers kale Yvonne x
  6. Y

    The bedroom lighting conditions

    The bedroom lighting conditions The bedroom lighting conditions also limit the choice of the floor color. Good lighting bedroom Needless to say, can be selected at random; while the lower floors, inadequate lighting , the room will have to pay attention to select high brightness, color suitable...
  7. J

    Conditions in Koycegiz post-flood?

    Hi Forum members, We're considering visiting Koycegiz for our first time in May. I saw the photos from the floods and am wondering what the status is now? I imagine the town and surrounding area still show damage, but to what degree? I know Koycegiz could use our tourist dollars...
  8. carolk

    Disgusting conditions of Tigers in China.

    I find this story heartbreaking. It should be stopped, all for a bottle of wine!! Exposed: Dark secret of the farm where tigers' bodies are plundered to make £185 wine | Mail Online
  9. ceemac

    'Appalling' Conditions at UK Puppy Farm

    Apparently it's not just Turkey where dogs are mistreated... An undercover investigation has revealed appalling conditions at puppy breeding farms that supply one of the UK's biggest pet shops. Report here C
  10. L

    freebee villa. conditions apply!!

    i,ll start a new thread.. but you wont like it... i am willing to let my 5 bed villa on the beach to the new 13 yr old dad and all his family and his girlfreinds family... and if work picks up for me, as i pay enough to the government to support this sort of thing i ,ll sort the flights out as...
  11. R

    Yalikavak - road conditions??

    Hi all, We are coming back to Yalikavak on the 29th March and have noticed on another thread that the roads may still be bad in the area. We had a car accident on the Torba road the last time we were over and my partner is now nervous about travelling on the Turkish roads again. The route up...
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