1. J

    solar powered air conditioner

    Has anyone any information on solar powered air conditioning suppliers, price etc.
  2. C

    Air Conditioner help needed please

    Hello everyone, being a bit "Thick" could do with some help to get the best out of ACs now its so hot!! ours are vestel but of course instruction book is in Turkish!! there is Fan mode Cool mode Dry mode(heat mode not needed just now!!!) whats the best to have it on??? any help would be...
  3. Struggs

    Comfort Creme fabric conditioner

    Free sample
  4. merlin

    Turkish Living Portable Air Conditioner Hunt....

    This has me foxed. I have spent so many hours trying to locate these units so I throw down the gauntlet to the members :lol: A few years back there was a shop in Fethiye selling these. Paid a ridiculously low price of 100YTL. It did cold, hot, flow control and even had a timer and remote...
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