1. B

    Wanted used sunbed in good condition

    Has anyone got a 2nd hand white sunbed for sale, if so, please PM me with price and a photo. Thanks
  2. L

    SGK - Refused coverage for a chronic condition

    I hope that the members of this forum can help me understand why I was refused SGK when I went to Bashkent hospital in Alanya this morning. I have paid SGK for 6 years. 4 years ago I was diagnosed diabetic and prescribed insulin. I have gone to Bashkent hospital every 3 month since then to...
  3. J

    Renewal of residency permit new condition

    Hi there Just found out today that for the renewal of the residency permit you need to have taken a Turkish course and produce evidence of study in the form of a certificate. This is going to come as a shock to a lot of people. I wonder if people are aware of this? I've been thinking for a long...
  4. J

    Residency permit new condition

    Hi there I wonder if anyone can confirm whether this is true or not? I have heard that if you have a residency permit you must stay in Turkey for a minimum of eight months per year. I don't know if this ruling is already in place or not or if it is even true. Can anyone shed any light on this...
  5. S

    Turkey- tragic family condition

    Heart breaking
  6. S

    Wanted - Ladies push bike in good condition

    Anyone got a ladies bicycle they would like to get rid of? Please let me know
  7. A

    road condition

    anyone have news regarding the Milas to Didim road is it finished or are the road works still on going ?what are the driving conditions like and are there any delays? Also what condition is the mountain road from airport to akbuk like?
  8. J

    air condition

    would anyone know how to change a vestel air condition unit from cold to hot air thanks for your help
  9. J

    Bicycle in "mint" condition for sale in Marmaris!

    Great 21-speed "unisex" bicycle Ocean Dolphin for adults (or not too small children) for sale in Marmaris. The bike is very nice and comfortable because of the number of gears and the front and back suspension systems (see the photos, link below). Bought in Marmaris Tue 9 June 2009, so this...
  10. R

    Weather condition Bodrum-Kos town

    I saw somewhere that also if Bodrum and Kos town are one in front of the other, the weather is hotter in Bodrum that in Kos town. In kos is more agreable that in Bodrum. Is that true? Thanks
  11. Andy

    Rare Condition

    I Have a Rare Condition ******************* A man and woman are seated next to each other on a plane. After takeoff, the woman violently sneezes and excuses herself to go to the bathroom... so the man stands up to let her out. She returns, and 15 minutes later she sneezes again big time, and...
  12. S

    Property Condition Surveys

    For all those who live in Altinkum and the surrounding area, I have just been in communication with another surveyor looking to start up a similar business to mine in that area. If anyone is interested please mail me and I will pass on his details
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