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    Readymix concrete

    Where can I get readymix in kusadasi, I need to fill in septic tank
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    Hi Folks, can anyone tell me if you can buy ready made concrete which is delivered to your home in the Akbuk/didim area thank you.
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    Concrete Pumping

    Does anyone have any experience of concrete ground line pumping in Turkey? We are planning to build a concrete swimming pool but access is a problem, and the concrete would need to be pumped about 60 metres, which is too much for the boom pumps in common use here. In the UK this would not be a...
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    exterior concrete path paint

    Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get a good quality exterior concrete path paint for the paths around our villa in Akbuk. Thanks Biljack
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    Price of concrete

    Hi there Has anyone even a rough idea of the price for approx 10m2 of concrete.Just want to put down a basic car parking space, only concrete no fancy stonework.
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    Photos of our concrete shell in Yalikavak

    Hi We have just had some more pics of our villa which we hope will be finished within the next month. This forum has been invaluable to us so thanks to everyone! We just have to furnish the place now - help!!!!!!! Carol
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