1. A

    AGM concerns

    Hello. It will soon be time for our AGM. I have two concerns which I am sure are illegal. One of the owners has said he will act as interpreter at the meeting to save on costs. I am concerned the translation may not be accurate. Is it not law that we need a registered translator? There will...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Environmental concerns

    At last someone is talking sense. When you go to a coffee franchise how many people are using 'disposables' even in the shop. Disgraceful, I always ask for (and get, no hassle) 'normal fincan'. 'Latte Levy': Government should introduce 25p charge on disposable coffee cups to cut waste, say MPs...
  3. Mushtaq

    Russia may ban charter flights to Turkey over tourist safety concerns

    Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviation has warned the country's airlines of a possible ban on charter flights to Turkey, citing a "complicated political situation.". According to the head of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, the restrictions are not yet...
  4. T

    Threat Level Raised For British Police Amid Concerns Over ISIS And British Jihadists

    The terror threat level to police officers and staff has been raised with forces across the UK warned to remain vigilant. Counter-terrorism chief Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said officers and staff must be "alert to any possible dangers" as correspondence warning of the risks was sent...
  5. teosgirl

    lack of teachers and constant changes raise concerns in education

    Stating that there is a serious shortage of teachers in schools in Turkey, Koncuk noted that 40,000 teachers were appointed in absentia to full-time positions at state schools across the country last Monday, adding that the ministry has to appoint at least 40,000 additional new teachers next...
  6. Z

    Concerns about UFUK Hillside Akbuk

    Hello I'm sorry my first posting on this forum is not a happier one. My name is Alan and having bought my apartment here in 2010 for probably the same reasons as many of you, decided last September to move my family here full time. Since this time we have witnessed many things that have caused...
  7. shirleyanntr

    Wikileaks about to hit the fan

    A lot of folks will be sitting on their hands today to stop them biting their fingers off as Wikileaks blows the whistle. Turkey, US await a whack from WikiLeaks - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  8. Tris

    Safety Concerns

    My family and I are coming to Turkey for the first time in September and I am unsure about just how safe Side and the surrounding area is. I've always said i'd never visit Turkey for one reason or another and have heard conflicting reports from friends who have been - one couple I know have...
  9. gerald

    'New Alanyans' reveal their concerns

    From Hürriyet Daily News Monday, October 26, 2009 REETA PAAKKINEN ALANYA, Antalya - Hürriyet Daily News A random poll of “new Alanyans” – foreign-born residents of Alanya – and Turkish inhabitants of the town has revealed a myriad of concerns ranging from excessive attention from shop and...
  10. M

    A couple of small concerns

    Hi everyone, Just got a couple of queries. I noticed on another post that Starman had said there should be two tapus; one for the land and one for the building. Is this right? because we have only got one copy and that looks like it is for the building, we did not see anything for the land...
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