1. bickern

    TL Exchange, Ouch

    What happened, lira slowly getting stronger and now it drops back again. Any one have an idea why? It cant be due to the swipe at the media this weekend surely.
  2. shirleyanntr

    cause for concern

    yet another cause for concern. İ find this report in Bianet disturbing and sad Turkish Scientists are now in theAKP firing line.. when respected scientists who report findings that such as the research into lead and mercury in chidrens bodies and traced to breast milk gets insulted and...
  3. Mushtaq

    Alcohol Concern calls for end of 'pocket money' alcohol

    A call has made for an end to the "pocket money" price of shop-bought alcohol fuelling under-age drinking. Alcohol Concern Cymru said shop deals mean the weekly recommended alcohol limit for a man can be bought for less than £4 and a woman's for under £3. It backs Welsh Assembly Government...
  4. Struggs

    Concern with Broadband Usage

    Me again, and could well be regular in this section, rofl. I got my broadband connection enabled 1st September, I have not used it that much due to the worry of my usage, 1GB since the 1st and that is only about 45mins on the net!!!!! Obviously I am in contact with my provider but they do not...
  5. immac

    bird flu outbreak concern

    Bird Flu - Impact? Now that Bird Flu has been confirmed in Turkey, how is it likely to effect tourism and house sales in 2006? Ian
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