1. S

    Damp & air con

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent company that can sort out damp proofing> each year i have the same problem and they do the same job informing me that it won't come back!!! obviously it does. I need to sort this out permanently as my villa seems to have a reoccurring problem. The other...
  2. E

    Air con costs.

    I have had guest leave air con on nearly for 16 days. Dreading to think what the cost will be. Any idea!!!. My key was welded to energy card but somehow manages to get an additional energy card. Still researching to find out from where.
  3. C

    Turkish con man

    Hello everybody , i would just like to inform anybody coming to altinkum , turkey ,there is a con man on the streets called ******* conning people with what is called a senet which is basically an iou , we have been caught by this man to the tune of one million lira or 250 thousand pounds , with...
  4. ted j

    What a con!

    We changed doctors when we moved temporarily to Chester The new doc really is spot on. He has altered my blood pressure tablets twice and by a process of elimination, we found out that for the last 4 years, the muscle cramps I got when walking are actually caused by one of the tablets I was on...
  5. Akasya

    Woman jailed for Turkish investment Con

    In todays DM Anyone aware of this miscreant ? Heartless con woman who scammed trusting British pensioners out of £1.2 million in life savings in Turkish property scam jailed | Mail Online Steve.
  6. tomc1984

    Air con as a heater

    Air con units have a notorious reputation for being expensive to run. Has anyone actually worked out how much it costs to run air con units to heat a room?
  7. L

    Vestel Air con unit

    My air con unit keeps beeping every 4 or 5 minutes. I've tried everything to stop it even turning the electric off and it still beeps. It's driving me up the wall!!! Anybody got any suggestions on why it's doing it and how to stop it? Thanks, Lesley
  8. N

    Air con unit for sale

    Hi everyone, I have a BEKO 9000 btu air con unit for sale. We have used it on and off for 10 months. It is class A energy band. I can send photos of the unit if needed. It is a complete unit which has already been removed from the wall. It has all pipes and brackets for the outside and inside...
  9. E

    Air Con issue

    Hello everyone, hope all are well. Just an issue I have with one of the Arcelik Air Con units. It has been loosing gas for some time now. I had a gent who works at them call and he said that the problem appears to be in the pipe that funs from the inside unit to the outside fan. There seems...
  10. F

    cartel air con unit error E4

    Any advice? Any referals re: air con engineers in Gumusluk/ Yalikavak? Thanks everyone x
  11. SAMIMI

    Air Con Service/Repair man in Turgutreis

    Can someone please recommend a good Serviceman for Aircon units in the Turgutreis area (Bodrum peninsula).
  12. W

    Air con remote control

    A long shot this but here goes:- Little Swan Boerka Model KFR-35 GW remote control We need a new remote for the above model.Unable to obtain one in Turkey as it appears that this Chinese company no longer trades there,and hardly anybody has heard of them.A pity as the unit works fine,just...
  13. P

    Beko air con - English owners manual

    Martin, you are correct, sometimes I cannot see the wood for the trees. I worked back from the info they had sent me and the closest I can get is to a link to the page below. The manual they sent me was the last one on the list and seems to cover several different models but should help with...
  14. A

    Air con

    Air con on all night 2 units 7 nights 1 on some times in the day rough price please
  15. Spurs

    Turcell: is it a con?

    I came back from the UK early this year & brought back a new phone (Blackberry), I went into Turkcell & got it registered, I could not keep my number because the phone I have used for years was in someone elses name. So got a new number, whilst there I saw a "package" 500 mins, 300 txts &...
  16. A

    Air con

    HI its me again does anyone have any info on aircon sensors to stop exessive over use of air con units when renting and who may fit them
  17. A

    Air con Gym

    is there any gyms in the Alinkum area that actually put the aircon on in the Summer....I want to join a Gym again ...I have just come back from UK for 6 months and I have put on a stone by not going for 1 month....I do not do the public outdoor gyms....I have sensitive skin to the clorine in the...
  18. paddington bear

    Air con problem

    I am hoping someone will have an answer to my problem. Last February I bought a Beko air con unit and last week it stopped blowing out hot air. As the unit is still under guarantee we called out a Beko engineer who finally came on Saturday, after being here a while he said it was all OK and...
  19. arrian

    Poppy con!!!!!!!!!

    is nothing safe anymore????? Kleshna poppies: How one company is only giving 10% of sales to the British Legion | Mail Online
  20. S

    Cheap RPs-a con?

    As the throngs of Europeans scramble to snap up the cheap/free RPs the cynic inside me got to thinking-if the Turks introduce their compulsory health insurance scheme soon, will thousands of part timers and regular visitors who purchase RPs be caught into having to fork out for the govts...
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