1. E

    Computer help needed.

    When I write anything for searches ex lf I press g bg comes up, or the letter's swop places. Ex if I spell dog it comes out dobg. Please comes out plesq. Any help would be grateful
  2. G

    New Computer

    I think I will need to replace my "all in one" computer in Turkey soon. I am happy to buy one there but obviously this would come with a Turkish alphabet keyboard. I am thinking of buying English language keyboard in UK and computer in Turkey. I prefer to buy new keyboard as my intention is to...
  3. M

    AVG Computer Protection

    I have AVG Free installed on my computer. For the past week or so, every time I turn on a black screen comes up saying "UI failed to load. This is really embarrassing. AV Service is not responding." Under this there are two buttons, the first says Exit and the second says Restart Service. I...
  4. U

    massive computer threat

    Global microchip flaw much worse than feared and could affect billions of devices including phones
  5. Harem

    facebook freezing computer

    I am on Windows 7 and using Mozilla Firefox as my browser and for some unknown reason facebook freezes my computer. Has anybody else had this happen and, if so, can you tell me what can I do about it?
  6. R

    Computer Repairs in Fethiye

    Goodness, I am having a wee run of bad luck. Spilled some wine on macbook air keyboard. Of course, it is no longer working! Any suggestions on who where to take it to have it detoxed? Rosaline
  7. christella

    Computer problem win 7

    I keep getting a page coming up saying wait or kill the computer goes dead Any ideas
  8. immac

    Turkish Time & Computer Clock

    Am I correct in assuming I have to disable my automatic clock-checking from this weekend? My computer is set to regularly check the time and keep the computer clock display accurate. With Turkey not going for the time change I expect the computers will not know that and will constantly be...
  9. christella

    computer password

    friend of mine just bought a computer with no dvd drive on it put a password on soon as he got it home a month or so later (he just moved house) put it on forgot the password i have been trying to help him cant get into safe mode put an ex dvd player that wont work any ideas
  10. MiddleEarth

    Computer Security Simply Explained

    Malware is getting nastier, but that shouldn’t matter Apr 11, 2016 Malware: "an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware, and other malicious programs. It can...
  11. E

    Computer trouble

    Information needed . Opened the computer last night as normal fired up OK and just went to a lit blank screen ,all the sounds are still there when you plug your mouse ext but nothing on screen .The computer is a AMD A8 windows 8.1 Be grateful if anyone can help.
  12. oldfogy

    Computer Backup Program required.

    I was going to continue this on the other thread: But decided to start a new one as the other one was getting a bit on the long side and also diversifying slightly, (yes I'm just as guilty as some) However I now...
  13. A

    Help locked out of computer

    hi ,i have a hp laptop with windows 10 very good ,i gave it to a turkish friend who changed the setting and keyboard to turkish ,then shut it down went to go back on and it wont accept my password so locked out anyone any ideas how i can get into it,,,,,MANY THANKS ,,,,or what would i put in...
  14. mamish

    This computer is definitely dead!

    Enraged US man shoots his malfunctioning computer - BBC News I can totally understand why! :36le:
  15. I

    Internet, Internet and Internet!!!

    Hi, My name's Ibrahim and let me tell you a bit about myself before continuing. I was born in Marmaris and then things happened so when I was 3 my family moved to England, Stayed there for 10 years so I know fluent English, Moved back to Turkey when I was 13. I am 14 now and still struggling to...
  16. M

    Computer Protection

    For many years I have had Norton protection in my computer. However, the renewals were getting ridiculously expensive, and my son took Norton out and installed AVG. This was last October. Now I am getting messages from AVG saying that my “free trial” is nearly finished, and they want me...
  17. SAMIMI

    Ear phones/headphones for laptop computer

    Bodrum area. Does anyone know where I can buy a simple pair of ear phones or head phones which I can use with my laptop computer also that I can carry on board an aeroplane? Thanks in advance.
  18. N

    computer showing most internet site as not trusted

    Hi, I have just dusted down my laptop after returning to Turkey after 11 months. For some reason most of the sites I use everyday in the uk including Hotmail , Wikepedia etc,are showing up as not trusted sites and I get a pop up saying someone may be pretending to use them to gain personals...
  19. mamish

    Koycegiz - Desktop PC for sale

    For sale: Exper desktop pc with wireless mouse and keyboard and separate speakers. Intel Core I5, 3.2 GHZ, 8 GB DDR3 1TB HDD 2 GB, 18.5 inch wide LED DVI monitor, usb speakers with microphone and earphone plugs. Bought May last year, so still within 2 year guarantee. Only light six month use...
  20. Struggs

    Help!! Zone Alarm Update, Trashed Computer

    Last Weds. I had a zone alarm update notification, which I accepted. This update completely froze part way through. I was able to shut my computer down correctly. Restarted, it took 20mins. Zone alarm was still trying to update, which failed because it screwed my internet access up (can no...
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