1. Kalkan regular

    Covid 19 rules for apartment complexes

    Does anyone know what the Turkish Government instructions are for apartment complexes with regard to Covid 19, pool and public areas guidance and cleaning of apartments for guests. Thanks
  2. W

    Bars on complexes

    The current bar tapu on our complex belongs to the developer who in turn rents it out to a local entity. Why the deveolper has ownership of the bar tapu has always been a puzzle to me especially as the bar is sited on condominium common ground .However I digress. I have today heard whispers...
  3. stmary

    any problems buying on complexes

    Hi All,we have owned an apartment in Altinkum for almost 10 years and have recently sold and are now considering looking at Akbuk to buy.We have seen some beautiful looking places online but they all seem to be on Complexes and we have heard many horror stories and problems on these places,is it...
  4. tinkycarol

    Mese Construction complexes - your maintenance situation?

    Hello, I am interested in speaking to/seeking advice from any Mese Construction-built property owners in Altinkum/Didim. Mese Construction is run by Mr Mete Telyakar. I am on Diamond City 3, a 66 apartment/4 block complex in Camlik, near the Box (ex-Hilltop) bar, which will be 3 years old in...
  5. Yogi

    Aymet Homes complexes

    This is a thread to discuss the current situation regarding all the Aymethomes developments. I believe these are Sultan Way Apartments, Sevim Apartments, Yasemin Apartments and Deniz Court, all of which are in Altinkum. Also Troy Villas and the M.Pyramids resort in Akbuk (Apologies if I have...
  6. bobthenob

    Complexes with Tapu

    Over a period of a couple of years now.l have been reading about the many complexes with ongoing problems that never seem to go away. One of these problems is the absence of the tapu and yet you hear of some of the buyers have their tapu and others haven’t.Now to me this sounds very suspicious...
  7. bobthenob

    Three Troubled Complexes

    The voice paper has published 3 good stories on some of the problems these 3 complexes are facing. Can you see a pattern here,where the first one has not payed any of the water bill for years,because the H.C hasn't been issued.And years to come the council has a change of mind by releasing...
  8. bobthenob

    Complexes in Trouble

    I have been speaking to a Turkish guy about the vast majority of complexes will never get their tapu’s and the H.C,because of the ongoing problems with the Municipal of not paying the land man and the taxes.He also said many Complexes are also connected to the organized gangs out to make easy...
  9. bobthenob

    Complexes in Trouble

    This thread has been deleted on Bob's request. Mushtaq
  10. R

    Any truth in Complexes NOT being allowed shuttle buses

    We bought on a complex, with the promise of a number of different facilities, one of which was a free shuttle bus service. We are due to fly over next week and we have been told that this facility is not up and running and it won't be, because of "New Law" outlawing companies from operating...
  11. GnD

    Complexes Requiring Bunkers

    There is apparently a new-ish law in Turkey requiring bunkers to be built on complexes - this is another how many per plot type of scenario. Can anyone throw some light as to a web site with the rules upon, or even what these bunkers are for exactly. Logs? For War ? without a pointer cannot...
  12. B

    Hotel, Aprts, Complexes & places to stay

    accommodation in Altinkum hi if anybody is looking for accommodation in Altinkum. bed and Turkish breakfast. £4 per night per person . in dolphin square. large rooms with one single and a double bed in one room or 3 singles these rooms are overlooking dolphin square so you don't miss anything...
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