1. E

    Question to complex board and controller

    Hi everybody, I hope somebody can help me with this. In our complex, we finally managed to install a 3 member board and a controller. Since it`s the first year we have this, we are not quite sure of the powers/responsibilities of the positions of board/controller. Our turkish manager is not...
  2. T

    Complex or Private Villa

    Hello guys when I introduced myself last month I said we were looking at the possible purchase of a villa in the Fethiye area. I am looking for opinions / suggestions on buying in either a complex or private villa. What do you consider the plus and minus of both ? Regards Tony
  3. C

    Help with Homeless Cat on Complex.

    Hello Everyone My Name is Chris, I have an Apartment on Side Hill 2 .We have always , for the past 9 years that we have owned the property stray cats have come onto the site sometimes causing problems. Recently a cat has taken up refuge around one of the apartments but the Local children have...
  4. T

    Complex Management

    Our complex is run by Turkish owners. We are UK based and were not invited to AGM in 2017, or sent minutes or accounts for the past 2 years. This year we received an email written in Turkish regarding court procedure for non-payment of maintenance - the email was not sent to all owners - the...
  5. oldfogy

    Complex T&Cs

    Complex T&Cs (Management Plan) I know I read it somewhere but for the life of me I can't remember where. What I am looking for is Where (which office) to locate a copy of the original equivalent of the T&Cs (again I don't know the name of the document) (what you can and can't do on a complex)...
  6. A

    Owners want to take over management of the properties on a complex

    Hello All I thank you all who offered sound advice when the builder shut off my water at the property. One of you suggested that the owners get together and take over the management. Well, we are going to do that!!! We are 16 properties with a community pool. Owners are from the UK, Germany...
  7. S

    property for sale in pyramid complex

    i have a property on pyramid complex , 2 bedroomed ground floor apartment bathroom en-suite , all paperwork are in familys hands ready for a sale , i have family who live and work in akbuk , the property is advertised on the site called akbuk news , i am known to them price is £39950. kind...
  8. B

    Car Port in complex car park:

    Hi All, A property owner, has built a car port for personal use within our communal car park and without permission. What is the legal position on this. Thanks
  9. catweazle

    Complex bill payments

    Hi does anyone happen to know the legalities of a complex management paying for casual work to be done, as in the odd couple of hours gardening and general work. I know cash cant just be handed over without possible repercussions but can it be done if they provide an invoice and what does this...
  10. A

    election of officers for complex committee

    Hi Just wanted to know, do you have to be present at AGM to be nominated for committee ie if owner would like to be on committee have they got to be physically in AGM or be nominated via proxy vote or by any other means thanks art2
  11. peter the postie

    Royal marina complex

    Hi all, we are coming over in a couple of weeks for what will probably be our last Turkish holiday for some time seeing as we sold our apartment in April. Iv'e booked a private apartment on the Royal marina complex so just wondered if anyone has an apartment on there or has any experience of...
  12. Jon & Mia

    Facebook group for UFUK Hillside Complex

    In order to keep in touch with each other re latest developments with the new committee we have set up a private facebook group which is accessible by invitation only and is restricted to owners on the site. If anyone still reads these pages and would like to be invited onto the facebook group...
  13. M

    complex maintanance

    there are some people in our complex including myself who are not happy with our maintenance company but also not find the other companies very attractive we proposed self management to the committee but they are arguing that the task of employing someone by ourselves for security and...
  14. stmary

    Sunshine complex

    Hi ,we have seen 2 apartments for sale in sunshine complex , very nice apartments , but we have concerns , does anyone know how they are run , do they have tapu and habitation in place , does anyone live on there and could you please give us a bit of information regarding them ...
  15. R

    Complex water and electricity

    We have a situation where the management company have taken our management fees and the water into the complex which feeds the pool and waters the gardens has been cut off, we have been up to the council offices who were unable to help us as we can not find a visible meter, also we are concerned...
  16. christella

    yassmin complex altinkum

    this is the Yassmin just up the road from the lounge bar some have the tapu some have not and I believe none has the hab my daughter bought an apartment many years ago and still no tapu she had to send some money over as they all had new electric meters fitted she has to register her meter so do...
  17. L

    Complex Management Plans

    Anybody got any experience of taking people to task over contravening rules specified in the Complec Management Plan, that is lodged at the Tapu Office. Can you , for example get the Zapita involved
  18. A

    complex information

    can anyone verify if one has to be resident to be elected as a chairman duly elected in EGM,been informed if not a resident cannot be elected even though one is an owner and elected in EGM. Many Thanks art2
  19. stmary

    Living fulltime in a complex

    Hi every one that has lived or does live on a complex in Altinkum We have seen all horror stories , regarding management and builders . We are curious , is there any complexes that are nice and managed well . Not looking for holiday place , more to live full time with others that also live...
  20. christella

    yassmin complex altinkum

    i am writing this on my daughters behalf as she bought c3 at yassmin complex i have asked my lawyer in didim to have a look for me Hello Chris, I had your emails and I had a search on the property. First of all the person who signed the contract is not in Didim anymore.(Rafet Recber)...
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