1. FinalCall

    Payment before building completion.

    Yesterday I bought (subject to contract) a small apartment in a development beylikduzu Istanbul. After a lot of going and froing . we were able to accept the offer of 135000TL for this small 1.5 + 1 lot. The developer (this is the 1st of 3 planned sites); as he granted us a 12% discount for...
  2. B

    New member - villa nearing completion in ovacik

    Hi all I'm Bob and with my wife Julie we have bought a villa in the valley on Ovacik (overlooking the riding stables) that is being built by Orka Homes and is due to be completed in June We are over next week to pick finishes and look to identify places to furnish our 3 bed 3 bath holiday...
  3. M

    Phase 2 completion

    Hiya all, I am nearing the completion stage for a 1 bed in Phase 2. I am also trying to finalise morgage with BNP via a mortgage broker. I have been offered a mortage contract but the lender will not open a Bank account for me and I have do this seprately. Has anyone done this remotely from...
  4. S

    HORIZON SKY delayed completion

    Hi I'm buying a one bed and a two bed penthouse in phase 2. Original completion date was 30th June 09. I now understand it to be sometime in March 2010. I am looking to pull out and get my money back. Does anybody know how easy this might be or has anyone been through it? Signature say they...
  5. D

    completion phase 2

    HI All Am being asked to complete by signature is anyone else in similar situation and if so what has happened re snagging, monies etc. Would be useful to get some feedback regards
  6. K

    Completion Dates?

    Hi, I'm reviewing the draft contract for a penthouses in phase 2 and notice that the seller has a "grace" period of 270 days from the original completion date. Only after this "extended" completion date will they consider recompense. From your experience is this grace period reasonable? I...
  7. A

    completion without TAPU - help!

    Hi all, We have a contract to buy a villa and due to various problems - leaking etc - and now the ban on TAPU - there has been a delay of a year. Went out in april to Kalkan to complete and were not able to because of ban. We have paid about a third of the agreed price and the contract states...
  8. J

    Owners - progress on site completion

    We are visiting Gocek in 2 weeks time. The latest photos show that the central indoor pool / restaurant still needs to be built. Site landscaping is also incomplete. We will post a progress report on our return. In the meantime we would welcome any feedback from fellow owners.
  9. A

    Completion Problems

    Hi. Having a nightmare with completion on an apartment in Gulluk. Can anyone help please?! Buying off plan has its problems!! But they haven't delivered exactly what we were buying. i.e. 1st floor apart on the end of a row with what we thought would have a lovely view out of the side windows...
  10. E

    Compensation for late Completion of Villa

    I was wondering if any other members have been compensated for the late delivery of property. My villa was due to be completed on 30th April 2006. My parents flew out on 14th May to take delivery only to be told that our villa will not be completed till the end of June/Start of July. The...
  11. Smiler

    Just had completion date: 1st week of May

    So allowing a couple of extra weeks for the "builder factor" I will be visting my finished property on the 22nd of May, when my wife will show the Turks how an English woman shops... :crazy: I'm now counting down the days!! :3:
  12. S

    Problems with building completion....

    Re: New section for Legal questions Hi Turkish lawyer, I was informed by my agent that my building was complete and duly sent the final payment (the one before Tapu) So earlier this month we went to see our new apartment only to find that apartment is finished but the buildings communial areas...
  13. S

    Invoking compensation for late completion

    Hi, My contract with the builder stated a 50 GBP per day penalty for late completion of the property. While the build was only 30 days late and has caused me no grief I was just wandering if anybody has invoked the clause and what would be the down-side of doing so. Thanks Steve
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