1. bickern

    China's buyout of British Steel completed

    A Chinese firm completed its buyout of British Steel today, with an investment package pledge of £1.2 billion . Steelmaker Jingye Group revived the British business that was placed into compulsory liquidation last May. A statement from Jingye said it had completed the acquisition of British...
  2. O

    Will the Golf Course Ever be Completed?

    Hi All, I know that there has been talk for years of a new golf course opening near Dalaman, would anyone know if it's going to be open this summer? I don't play, but we have a relative coming out to our Villa in August and it would be nice if the course were open. That said, I'm sure he'll...
  3. S

    My Purchase completed

    Well I have just had 2 very busy weeks in Altinkum and got back a couple of days ago, I went over to pay for my apartment that was purchased in December after leaving 10% deposit. on the agreement that the balance would be paid when the Tapu and all other paper work were ready for my collection...
  4. J

    Development failed to be completed

    Hi Any suggestions advice guidance etc would be greatly appreciated The complex we are buying on was scheduled for completion some time ago unfortunately this has not happened. We have adhered to the Contract regarding making payments as and when required but as far as we are concerned the...
  5. Talkinman

    We Completed today!!!

    We are now the owners of our first apartment in Turkey (Gulluk). The final payment has been Paid by our solicitor to the builders. This is a very big thing for us to do as we have been thinking about it for a few years are glad to have now done it! We feel good and are looking forward to coming...
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