1. christella

    Compensation for flight Bodrum to gatwick

    The flight was delayed for over 3hours Thomas cook 4thjune 2012 iits just been confirmed we r getting 800 Euros before stoppages Anybody on that flight let me know
  2. tomc1984

    Thomas Cook compensation

    Not sure if this relevant to anyone, but a friend has recently successfully claimed 400 Euros compensation for a delayed flight from Bodrum to Newcastle on 31st. October 2010 which resulted in an overnight hotel stay in Milas, after an EU court ruling. We were on the same flight and as such have...
  3. bal canavar

    Miners Family wins compensation claim

    The family of one of the Soma mine victims has won a ruling from the courts, for compensation to be paid by the Company that owns the Soma mine. The ruling sets a precedent for other miners families to follow suit . The Court is in the process of making arrangements for the seizing and...
  4. suzyq

    Turkey to pay record compensation

    Turkey to pay record compensation to Greek Cypriots: ECHR - INTERNATIONAL
  5. christella

    ThomasCook Flight Delay Compensation - Is this a scam?

    a friend of mine is trying to claim off TC as their flight delays were more than 3 hours as i have been helping him he has had a letter saying TC are paying him just over £600 but there commision is about £200 fair enough but their want the £200 before they realease the the £600 i have told him...
  6. Firefox

    Compensation for Slave trade

    England will have to face up to its instrumental role in the Transatlantic Slave trade. Jamaicans lead Caribbean calls for Britain to pay slavery reparations - Telegraph Just like Jews still pursuing the Swiss for all the their Looted Art and Nazi’s in their Zemerframes. I say Respect to the...
  7. R

    Gatwick Airport-Xmas Eve Compensation

    Hi, We finally received our vouchers in compensation for the hell we were put through on Xmas Eve at Gatwick Airport. We received £100 each in High St vouchers-no compensation for the living hell of the North terminal-and a Xmas totally ruined-but at least it's better than nothing. Has anyone...
  8. suzyq

    Qatada intends to sue for £10million says his family:Hate preacher wants compensation

    Abu Qatada has told his family that he plans to sue the British government for £10million for ‘unlawful detention’. The hate preacher has said he wants compensation for his ‘extended mistreatment’ after a judge released him from jail last week and blocked his deportation to Jordan to face...
  9. gerald

    Airlines must pay compensation

    Airlines must pay compensation to passengers who are delayed by three hours or more, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled....more
  10. immac

    Flight Delay Compensation

    A relative was on a scheduled flight (Birmingham to Dalaman) yesterday. Pilot was taken ill part way through the flight and plane sent back to Gatwick. Put up overnight and re-scheduled for this morning. She will arrive this afternoon instead of yesterday evening. Does she qualify for...
  11. L

    Holiday Compensation

    in November we went with Thomas Crook to Tunisia staying after a recommendation to the Dar Kayahm hotel in Hammamet on an All Inclusive holiday, to say it was the holiday from HELL was an under statement! The hotel was a building site from basically 06.00 until 17.30 every day, food disgusting...
  12. John O' Dreams

    Compensation for torture victims

    Britain to compensate former terror suspects The British government is expected to pay millions of pounds in compensation to former terror suspects held at the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and other locations. It follows agreement to settle a series of High Court actions in...
  13. juco

    BA, will they claim for compensation

    I bet there are large compensation claims on the way!
  14. L

    easyjet compensation?

    i was one of thousands of familys stranded abroad when the icelandic volcano started its activity. i personally was stranded in turkey for 11 days more than i should have. two days before i was due to fly home i tried contacting easyjet for advice. i emailed and to this day still no reply. my...
  15. abba

    Fake ash compensation e-mail

    Just in case anyone receives this email, please read this before opening. BBC News - Ash compensation e-mail 'is fake' says Wrexham firm
  16. ceemac

    Volcano airline delays: Can I claim compensation?

    Just making this a separate thread as the volcanic ash one is getting a little cluttered with information. Some questions answered over current air passenger's dilemmas. What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled? If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you booked your flight...
  17. altinkum kev

    Compensation from Aydem (Tedas) ?????

    Does any one out there know whether you can make a claim for compensation against Aydem for damage caused by a power serge? ive lost 3 air con units 2 power packs for comp and house alarm, water pump, heater, and power washer.and various other small electrical items.
  18. KKOB

    British family win £1m terrorism compensation from Turkey

    A British family who were the victims of a terrorist attack while on holiday in 2005 have been awarded more than £1m by the Turkish government. British family win £1m terrorism compensation from Turkey - Telegraph
  19. Mushroom

    Compensation for fuel surcharges

    Sorry it's nothing to do with flights to/from Turkey, but if you were travelling transatlantic or on any long haul (7 hours or more) flight with either Virgin Atlantic or BA between 11.8.2004 to 23.3.2006, you are entitled to register your claim for £20 per person refund for a fuel surcharge...
  20. Andy


    Is it possible to get compensation for being kept waiting at airports. My plane was delayed 7hrs in October, i was given a £6 voucher to spend on refreshments which never got spent. On speaking to friends over the week-end who asked whether i put in a claim i replied that it had never...
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