1. beyazbayan

    Turks & Compassion

    Compassion - a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune , accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. Do Turks have this quality? İ witnessed a man having an epileptic fit today on a busy road near the Tax Office and saw many Turks walk...
  2. John O' Dreams

    Time for caring and compassion

    Christmas is time for caring and compassion After all the hectic preparations, this is the eve of Christmas Day with its timeless message of peace and goodwill. Sadly this Christmas has its own dark shadows, with continued trouble in the Middle East, famine and disease affecting millions in...
  3. D

    Ex-pats. Compassion.

    The following letter leaked out of the Land of Lights office..... Dear Editor, I am currently on holiday in Fethiye with four friends. We went to the excellent “Mosaic” restaurant yesterday and got into conversation with a lady called Perihan and her husband Ricardo. She told us about her...
  4. S

    The compassion of females

    The compassion of females .... Barry returned from a doctor's visit one day and told his wife Carolyn that the doctor said he only had 24 hours to live. Wiping away her tears, he asked her to make love with him. Of course she agreed and they made passionate love. Six hours later, Barry went...
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