1. Tenpin

    Interesting Comparison Obama v Trump Maybe in the wrong section
  2. E

    Cost comparison GB and Turkey

    I would like to know how much food and other items cost in Turkey and I love shopping ... So how much do you spend when you go out and on a weekly shop, how much do you spend in restaurants and so on... Also, found any particular bargains in England recently?
  3. mollag

    Europe - Turkey, a comparison.

    Folks this is sooooo right, Shirleyann, there is a special one in for you :438qr: Turkey vs Europe xD.240.mp4 - YouTube
  4. N

    Cost of living comparison between Antalya and kas

    Hey all, Can anyone familiar with both places give me an idea how the costs of living compare between antalya and kas. The following items are what I am most interested in but please share anything in addition. Rent Eating out Utilities Internet Alcohol Any info regarding this would be...
  5. J

    Price comparison, Turkey and Tenerife

    Yet got back from a short break in Tenerife, my parents had gone out for a month, so I decided to visit them for a few days. I couldnt believe how cheap it was, Pint of lager the local stuff (San muguel or Dorada) 1 Euro even down in the harbour or on the seafront, Large cooked breakfast (if...
  6. Marc

    My Shopping Basket (Last week price comparison Asda/Akbuk)

    Further from the post office price comparison report that I commented on here, it got me to wondering how much would last weeks shop cost me? As I needed a rest, after my 7 yr old son beat me in my 5Km jog down to the harbor and back this morning, I needed something to get my teeth into to take...
  7. Andy

    Price comparison site

    When you use your browser to search for products on certain retail websites, the Add-on enables your browser automatically to check other similar sites to see if other retailers are offering the same product at a lower price. If that product is available on a different site at a lower price the...
  8. Aleynasdad

    Price Comparison

    I seem to remember last year someone mentioning a site that compares prices across the Turkish supermarkets. Anyone got the link?
  9. C

    Furniture price comparison

    I've been looking at the prices in Ikea and they seem very similar to UK prices. Does anyone know how other furniture shops in Didim and Izmir compare to these prices at the moment? Ikea prices in lira: Bed & matress 900 Wardobe exc. drawers 539 Chest of drawers 199 Sofa-bed 1119 Not sure if...
  10. merlin

    Digi Camera Price Comparison Guide....

    Might find this link useful if you are in the UK and know which model you are after Merv! ;)
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