1. bobthenob

    Comparing TLF Members with Animals

    This is just a bit of fun,by picking out a member that sticks out in your mind and compare that member to an animal you think is a spitting image in character and behaviour. l picked Ceemac out,because of his witty sense of humour and his calm and collective behaviour.Reminds me of the hoopoe...
  2. bobthenob

    comparing plants

    When l am out walking around the areas of where l live,l always like to compare the prices of what is growing in England to what is growing here.Many plants that are growing in the wild here in Akbuk,are the same plants l saw in the gardening centers of England at a high price. The rose bush...
  3. J

    Comparing Techniques

    Italian guy - When I finish making alove to my girlafriend I go downa and gently tickle the back of her aknees, then she floats asix inches above da bed in ecstasy! :416pv: Frenchman - Zat iz nothing! When I finish with ze girl ah kiss her all ze way down her body and zen I lick ze soles of...
  4. G

    Interesting Article comparing Turkey with the Spanish 90's property boom

    TURKEY TAKES WING Where Spain was once the new kid on the block, Turkey is the next generation coming through to steal a part of its thunder as cheaper prices and increasing accessibility make it the latest hotspot In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the investment of huge amounts of both...
  5. G

    comparing house prices across resorts

    A lot of us have an interest in the house prices across the Turkish coastal resorts. I was wondering how the prices compare in the different resorts and wether some area are increasing more than others? Are prices cheaper on the Aegean coast than on the Med for example? Where are the expensive...
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