1. Tenpin

    News New company launches in Turkey

    New company launches in Turkey soar in June A total of 9,560 new companies were established in Turkey in June, up 113.4% on a monthly basis, the country’s top trade body said on July 16. Some 1,226...
  2. bickern

    12 EU states reject move to expose companies' tax avoidance

    Twelve European Union countries, including Ireland, have blocked a proposed new rule that would have forced multinational companies to reveal how much profit they make and how little tax they pay in each of the EU’s 28 member states. The proposed directive was designed to shine a light on how...
  3. A89

    Turkish Shipping companies

    Does anyone have any experience of sending boxes of "stuff" with a Turkish company to the UK please? alison
  4. bickern

    Google lets companies read your Gmail

    GOOGLE has admitted it's still letting companies read your emails – but no longer scans them itself, but it used to. These companies are able to snoop on the sender and recipient, the time the email was sent, and even the contents of the email. Worse still, Google even allows these outsider...
  5. Kingfisher

    SGK data to be sold to pharmacetical companies

    How do those members contributing to the SGK system feel about this? Turkey?s social security institution to sell citizens? information with draft bill - RIGHTS
  6. juco

    We subsidise companies cheap labour

    Just thinking as I sit here how those gits in government get us to subsidise cheap labour for large corporate companies. We have thousands on minimum wage or zero contract hours which is bad enough, but most of them have to get top ups in benefits because the wage is too low. So the companies...
  7. C

    TurkeyPropertyPlus, Oracle Property Development - Anyone know of these companies?

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone have any experience dealing with the agent "Turkey propertyplus" and builder "Oracle property development" in Akbuk? Are they trustworthy enough to make an "off plan" deal for building a house (i know that´s a big risk in itself)?
  8. newhorizon

    Weaker currencies pile up debt risks at Indian, Turkish companies

    Tough times may lie ahead for Turkish and Indian companies whose decade-long foreign borrowing binge has culminated in a crash in the value of the lira and rupee, significantly increasing the burden of their dollar debt. These two markets stand out among developing nations whose companies...
  9. L

    Removal Companies in Alanya.

    Hi, Could anyone recommend a good furniture removal company within Alanya please. Staying in Alanya, just a smaller place. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Lisa
  10. Jaycey

    Removal companies in Alanya

    Can anybody please recommend a good international furniture removal company in the Alanya area? Many thanks.
  11. A

    Property management companies

    I have noticed a few members including myself are trying to find good property management companies. We all seem to need a company to check in guest, perform departure clean and laundry, perhaps organise airport transfers etc. Searching on the Internet I have found two companies Alanya Easy Home...
  12. A

    Companies in Izmir

    Are there any companies in Izmir that anyone would recommend contacting? I am going soon for a visit and I am interested in looking for a job. Teaching might be a option but I am interested in any positive suggestions for companies looking for english speaking people.
  13. newhorizon

    House Insurance -Intasure v's Turkish companies

    I've moved this post from another general thread asking about insurance companies. My question is more related to experience with dealing with any of the insurance companies i.e communication and if anyone has made a claim, how easy and successful was it? I've had a renewal from Intasure...
  14. Suzan0912

    Removal companies

    Hi, we're moving to Fethiye soon and are looking around for a removal company. We have a furniture for a 2 bedroom apartment and need a removal company rather than a man with van or tractor and trailer. Any advice, numbers or information gratefully received
  15. S

    Rural land and Ltd companies help?

    Does anyone know if the rules have changed yet re buying in rural areas (outside belidiye) as a foreigner without a company? The kadastro wll tell me nothing, the accountant knows nothing and the tapu office is ambiguous! Long story but we had to set up a company after finding out that the...
  16. SAMIMI


    Did anyone else get notification from their accountant on yet another new tax for companies. Unfortunately, even though we do not have a business, those of us with houses in military zones will be caught again for even more tax. Here is the wording from my accountant: Under The New...
  17. P

    real estate companies

    We're selling our apt and have been approached by a real estate agent who appears to represent Ovi Alanyaan and zaman yapi auctioneers. Has anyone ever dealt with them before?
  18. staceman

    recomendations management companies

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a reliable management company in the Feyhiye area. We have a three bed villa with private pool south of Fethiye & are looking for a trustworthy & relaible person or persons to look after it while we are not there & also if we have guests look after them too. Many...
  19. A

    Holiday Companies Are Pulling Turgutreis

    Hi All, Just to let you all know that Thomas Cook and Thomson have started to drop Turgutreis from the Package holiday market , Thomas Cook have dropped for summer 12/13 Club Cherry Cemre Thomson/First Choice for 13 Mandalinci I am starting a campaign to save turgutreis from any...
  20. K

    Is it possible to work for 2 companies at once?

    Hi all! My question concerns work permits and their legal bounds. I am in the process of getting a work permit for "Company A", a Turkish company in Istanbul. However, "Company B" (also a local company in Istanbul) would like to hire me for freelance work and invoice me. Once I have a valid...
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