1. M

    Savings - Dep Comp limit in Turkey £85k same as UK?

    Hi I wondered whether Turkey has a similar thing to the UK, whereby your savings (up to £85,000) is safe, backed by the FSA, giving you protection should something happen. Is there a limit of protection for your savings with the Banks in Turkey? Thanks Caroline
  2. R

    Total child Today Comp

    Who can make best pic with keyboard? Winner will win something tasty if they live in or near Akbuk as I can give them the prize during my trip there soon..... let's play,,,lol (> " " <) ( ='o'= ) -(,,)-(,,)-:loony:
  3. Bryan Sargent

    Win A Home Comp

    hi, the win a home competition has gone suspiciously quiet! any news anyone on the sales etc. regards, bryan(3 tickets)
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