1. H

    Expat community in Calis Fethiye

    I visited this resort on a number of occasions a few years ago and found that it had a close knit expat community. Is this still the case?
  2. S

    Will community college credits transfer to North cyprus university?

    My gpa is a little low right now as a college student, so I want to go to community college here in the usa to raise my gpa, and then apply to a university in northern Cyprus....will my credits transfer? and do I need to go to community college to raise my gpa? my overall gpa is high, but my...
  3. J

    Community Annual Meetings - Options

    A few years ago, I remember some talk of a Sitesi in Akbuk holding their community AGM in the UK: Is this allowed as long as the majority of owners agree and its undertaken under Turkish Law e.g. That the decision book is completed and notarised? Also is it possible to undertake postal voting...
  4. D

    Community Meeting - 3-11-2015

    Community meeting, courtesy of the British Consulate, Marmaris. David
  5. SonnyJim

    Didim community!

    Hi! We have a Turkish friend who is living on his yacht in Didim Marina for the winter. He is disappointed that there don't seem to be any restaurants catering for what he thought was a large British community. Has everyone gone home for the winter, or is there a popular area that he hasn't...
  6. Freedom 49

    British Consulate Community Meeting.

    Here's a chance for Side Ex-pats to put questions regarding residency, health insurance or anything else, directly to The British Consulate. Please try to get to the meeting this next Wednesday at Gençlik Merkezi (Opposite Zooland Vet). Starts at 2pm.
  7. B

    The International Community must get involved in Nigeria.

    Boko Haram attack kills hundreds in Nigeria - Africa - Al Jazeera English At last, the International Community are waking up to just what is going on in Nigeria. The Nigerian Government cannot hope to sort this out on their own. The British Government offered to help...
  8. suzyq

    New start for council and foreign community

    Street dogs to be rounded up, beaches to get extra litter bins, Altinkum front to be improved and a new unit to be created to combat illegal or rouge builders are among the host of new issues that Didim Council is to tackle in the coming months New start for council and foreign community
  9. C

    Community Meeting in Marmaris by British Council

    There´s supposed to be a meeting in Aqua Hotel (27 Sahil Sokak , ICMELER - MARMARIS) on Thursday at 11:00 am with information regarding: - New Foreigners Law & Adaptation Process - Latest regulations on SGK ( National Health Services ) - Driving Licences - The wills / Legal Procedures on...
  10. Gill

    British Consulate community meeting in Bodrum

    Info from UK in Turkey Facebook page The British Consulate Bodrum invites British residents in Bodrum area to a community meeting, to be held at Bodrum Municipality Meeting Room (Bodrum Belediye Meclis Salonu) on Wednesday 9 October, at 11.00 am. Agenda of the meeting : - New Foreigner’s Law...
  11. CJD

    British Consulate community meeting

    Subject: British Consulate community meeting Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 11:12:40 +0200 The British Consulate Marmaris invites British residents in Marmaris to a community meeting, to be held at Polisevi (Police Lodge), at 2:30 pm on Tuesday 22 January. Venue: Polisevi (Police Lodge) – Police...
  12. C

    SIDE. Please describe your town and community

    Hello & Season's Greetings! On my way from Antalya to Alanya I'm planning to stop in Side. Would anyone facilitate my task by telling me a bit about the place and the estimated size of Anglo Expats and where I might go to meet some and get a sense of what it's like to live there? After a day...
  13. M

    Community Fee includes Capital Expenditure Items!!

    I am a property owner on the Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort have just received my first full bill for our Community Charge (or Maintenance Fee). It includes huge outlay for capital expenditure on things like sunbeds, security CCTV, public address system, and a well water treatment system. Many of...
  14. D

    British Consulate Community Meeting, 3rd May 2012

    The British Consulate in Bodrum will be hosting a meeting with residents on 3rd May at 11.00 at the Bodrum Town Hall All British residents are welcome to join the meeting. The meeting will be held in the Bodrum Municipality Conference room (located to the left of the main entrance as you...
  15. C

    Newbie Would Love You to be e-Introduced to Turkish Expat Retired Community

    Hi everyone, So happy I landed on this excellent website with such a wealth of forums. Impressive! European born, I've lived in Canada for decades and have just taken an early retirement with a small pension, but what matters most is to live. Gave up my intellectual life, and my current needs...
  16. zack-of-NY

    New to the community

    Hello Folks, I've moved back to Turkey at the end of '97 from the US after living almost 8years there which I live in Istanbul now. As a Turkish national, I also would like to state how wellcome I feel about you folks to our country:) (not to mention how experienced I'm about living as a...
  17. Firebrand

    Radio 4 programme 'Turkish Delight' about the Turkish community in Britain

    BBC iPlayer - Turkish Delight? For anyone able to access IPlayer. I haven't listened to it yet, but the Guardian said of it: Turkish Delight? (Radio 4) began and ended with kebabs. But, as presenter Yasmeen Khan noted, "very little is known about the community behind them". One woman who grew...
  18. D

    British community in Turgutreis

    Hi, I have moved to Bodrum as a single woman to retire here, after moving I realised that Bodrum Centrum is too busy and full on for me also there doesn't seem to be much of a British community living here. I have friends in Torba but I think that may be too quiet in the winter. I would like...
  19. qwerty

    'Sense of Community'

    I'm interested in what people think this is. Do you have a sense of community where you live in UK, and what contributes to this feeling, what detracts from this? Do you have this where you live in Turkey, and again what contributes to/detracts from your sense of community? If you spend time...
  20. K

    Community charge payment

    When last in Turkey, we visited the Council offices and paid the community charge (council tax) for our apartment but we could find no way to pay in advance so will be in arrears again when we next go out. The amount is very small but we would prefer to pay when it is due rather than late. Is...
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