Communist bulgaria

    Thought this was an interesting article on Bg communist past,with out having to travel half way around the world some on here(and i am not jealous) Forget Your Past - Timothy Allen
  2. giglets

    A Mellow Old Communist?

    Capitalism is far from perfect and deserves a lot of the criticism it frequently gets. However, it is always worth remembering the true face of the only real alternative. She's a sweet old dear, really. The widow of the last ruler of communist East Germany has defended the former regime's...
  3. Ms Who

    Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP).

    Taken from - Turkey detains 23 militants From correspondents in Istanbul September 13, 2006 TURKISH police have detained 23 suspects and seized 250kg of explosives in operations against an underground extreme left-wing militants in several cities including Istanbul...
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