1. K

    Foreign & Commonwealth Office updates for Turkey

    Issued 29th October 29-10-2016 21:12 PM GMT Latest Update: Summary - On 29 October, the US Department of State ordered the departure of family members of employees posted to the US Consulate General in Istanbul due to security information indicating extremist groups continue aggressive efforts...
  2. J

    Should Ireland join the Commonwealth

    Nigel Farage says Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth to hedge our bets on the EU No idea of the views of our Irish friends on this so would be interesting to know.
  3. Spurs

    Commonwealth Games.

    I must say Scotland has done an excellent job hosting these games. Its nice to see fresh faces, most of which did not make it to the Olympics (some of which should have been there). The people representing the smaller islands of the Commonwealth are as proud as punch just to be there, true...
  4. J

    Commonwealth games on Digiturk?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the commonwealth games will be shown on Digiturk? if so, what channel please :thanks: Jan
  5. abba

    Happy Commonwealth Day

    Wishing all members a very happy Commonwealth Day.
  6. tykatem

    Libyan NTC Islamists Destroying British and Commonwealth War Cemetery Benghazi

    Reassuring to know that my tax went to help freeing these people....!! It never have happened under the Colonel. But never mind, I dare say they'll be killing each other soon enough. - Libyan NTC Islamists Destroying British and Commonwealth War Cemetery Benghazi Here is the true...
  7. Andy

    Commonwealth Games

    Commonwealth Games medal table Countries Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 Australia 4 2 0 = 6 2 Canada 1 0 3 = 4 3 S Africa 1 0 1 = 2 4 Nigeria 1 0 0 = 1 5 England 0 3 1 = 4 6 India 0...
  8. Andy

    Commonwealth Games

    Anybody out there watching the commonwealth games, i presume you can see it on Turkey TV. I for one am hooked between the Games & the Computer. I shall update on the medal table later. :cell: Andy
  9. merlin

    Foreign & Commonwealth Updates by Email....

    The FCO has a email update service that some people might find useful, particularly after recent incidents in Turkey. Click Here for more info and Subscription Options Merv!
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