1. A

    election of officers for complex committee

    Hi Just wanted to know, do you have to be present at AGM to be nominated for committee ie if owner would like to be on committee have they got to be physically in AGM or be nominated via proxy vote or by any other means thanks art2
  2. RedBloodedHound

    Lords privileges and conduct committee

    Lord Sewel quits as Lords deputy speaker after drug claims - BBC News The crossbench peer also chaired the privileges and conduct committee, and was responsible for enforcing standards in the Lords. Hmmmm?
  3. beyazbayan

    Foreigners Committee

    İ have just found out about the above. İt seems to meet often but doesn't seem to publish the dates nor does it seem to deal or report back on issues of concern to foreigners. Can anyone throw light on this committee.
  4. L

    Management Committee Meeting

    Just received this today, posting it in case there is anyone out there who did not receive it. Its rather short notice. Sayın Kat Maliki, Olağan Yönetim Kurulu toplantımız 28/02/2013 tarihinde saat 10:00'da Hillside Restaurant'ta yapılacaktır. Çoğunluk sağlanamadığı takdirde 2. toplantı...
  5. J

    property book and committee

    Do any of you learned people out there know if you need a legal property book and committee for a complex of less than 12 properties. I have, since purchasing a property been led to believe that this is not the case. what are your thoughts? Thanks in anticipation, Johnleo.
  6. D

    closing a management committee

    Hi I hope someone on here can help. Last October the owners on my sitesi decided to formally create a management committee. We are only 6 apartments and knew that it was not compulsory to have one but were fed up of being ripped off by a self appointed manager (Turkish). I was elected as...
  7. val2661

    Home affairs select committee

    Is anyone else watching the Select Committee interviewing Met Police Staff? I am beginning to think that they are in a conspiracy to hang the Deputy Commissioner John Yates out to dry. It seems John Yates as well as being in charge of the Nation's Counter Terrorism, was also responsible for...
  8. mrsed

    Hi All - how to setup residents committee?

    Hello, can I just start by saying I am sure this is the wrong place to ask but can't find anything relevent in the searchbox. We have a apt on a med size complex in Didim & already have an elected managment committe, a few of us are keen to set up a residents committee to work alongside & to...
  9. A89

    foreigners committee in Alanya

    Does anyone know anything about a foreigners committee in Alanya? A friend of mine has had her electric cut off. Shes been told by tedas that this is the system for foreigners now and she must pay 4000 TL to get it reconnected. They also told her they havnt been able to read the meter since...
  10. R

    Email from Turquoise committee to Artev an VT

    21st January 2011 Dear Ertugrul, Betul, Serkhan Mr F Ozyer, Mr S Ozyer and Mr S Denilmez, We are asking you all to treat this email with the respect and urgency that it deserves. The difficult situation at the Turquoise site is growing more and more fraught and it is in the hands of those who...
  11. T

    Legal Committee

    I wondered if any one can help to clear up an on going debate. The apartment block where I have an apartment finally set up a tenants committee last year, unforunately as the "you can't please all the people all of the time cenario rears its ugly head regularly" some tenants are saying that AGM...
  12. J

    site committee

    We have formed a site committee as required by turkish law. however we are not happy with the elected chairperson and wish to replace him. he has informed us that to replace him it must be a person who is a turkish citizen can anyone tell me if this correct? He also informs us that he has sole...
  13. S

    how to form a maintenance committee?

    Hi everyone.. Long story short... I own a apartment in Altinkum. 13 apartments in total, 7 british owners, 5 turkish owners and no committee or maintenance contract in place... but a pool, communial stairs and gardens and communial lighting to pay for. In the past, maintenance has been a ad...
  14. P

    advice - management committee

    We are seven aparts in a block. The builder has left us with water and electric communal bills. The builder has no intention of paying as he has let the buildings license expire and never supplied the habitation certificate. The other problem is that most of us want to get the block up to...
  15. L

    Management Committee

    Hi everyone I am still concerned about the management fees and the use of them for the past year. And how we will manage from now on. Has anyone had an approach about the January meeting? I know Mary is keen to be on the committee. It is going to need some managing if we are to have first...
  16. E

    Registration of Residents Committee

    Wondering if any Datca folk can enlighten some of Rivieria Folk on registering our Residents Association in Datca. I understand that a site with over 8 properties should be registered in Turkey. The majority of our site residents come from Northern Ireland and therefore our residents...
  17. F

    Community committee's

    Hello, We purchased an apartment on a complex of 26 apartments. Initially there was no committee set up to run the complex.We were all ( the community) ignorant of the Turkish law regarding this and we did not have our tapu due to changing legislation so we could not set up a committee anyway...
  18. J

    Committee Chairman

    We have a problem with our complex management. The guy who managed the complex has disappeared with the accounts and the current committee chairman is the builder who still owns 3 properties but has not paid any maintenance fees for about a year. We are about to hold an EGM to install a new...
  19. Philogic

    Residents Committee

    Hi, does anyone know anything about setting up a residents committee? Our complex has 14 apartments with shared facilities [gardner pool etc] The builder, who we pay, lives on site but does not provide paperwork to show where the money is spent. He would be unable to provide account in English...
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