1. Camden

    Estate Agents commission is being lowered

    The Ministry of Customs and Trade has announced there will be a reduction in commissions taken by estate agents. If the draft is accepted in the current form. The draft by the Ministry of Customs and Trade if it comes into force which it should, the total commission rate of the real estate...
  2. T

    Charity Commission: GB investigated for terror risks

    William Shawcross, the chair of the Charity Commission, warns that money donated by the British public may already have been sent to Islamic State fighters, as the watchdog opens cases on 86 aid groups at risk from extremists The government’s charity watchdog has launched a series of formal...
  3. A

    Emlak says its Law Buyer and Seller have to pay 3% Commission

    Hi i am new to this forum and new to Akbuk. I recently purchased a property from an Emlak which turned out to be a complete nightmare the Emlak i cannot speak too for various reasons, also threatened to sue me. This Emlak claims in an email she sent to me. ''it is the Law 3 percent buyer...
  4. B

    War Graves Commission.

    BBC News - Shielding Commonwealth war graves from the ravages of time The Commonwealth War Graves Commission are doing a marvellous job all over the world, long may it continue. Bill.
  5. teosgirl

    constitutional commission can't decide on sexuality discrimination

    Constitutional Commission hung up over sexuality rights And these are the people responsible for forming a new constitution? :help: Charlotte
  6. Marut

    TL Exchange Rates, and Commission Charges

    Apologies if this ends up as a double post, but my first seems not to have appeared. I read various reports that the exchange rate for TL is better in Turkey than it is in the UK. But that is only half the story. What appears to be a favourable rate can often prove to be a poor deal as a result...

    Emlak commission

    Recently I decided to sell my house ( as its too big for us) and off I went to a number of estate agents in Yali including the one that I bought originally house from. Been well aware that there is a glut of properties on the market I knew that it would take some considerable time to get my...
  8. C

    commission on money

    hello can anyone tell me how much commission i would pay on 50,000 great british pounds i am sending this money over with nationwide, how much commision does the turkish bank take thanks for your help
  9. SuperBogs

    Healthy commission to be paid !!!

    I really need to sell my house in Turgutreis. The info and pictures are in the house for sale section on this forum. It has to be in a Turks name because of the military zoning. I will pay a healthy commission to anyone who sends me a real buyer. Really need to sell people, thanks. Biker bob
  10. Mushtaq

    Sarkozy to backpedal on his ‘Turkey promise’ with commission

    Rumors are rife in Paris that French President Nicholas Sarkozy intends to block one of the three negotiation chapters expected to be opened with Turkey at the end of the month as part of its EU accession bid, sending shockwaves through Brussels. Signals coming from Paris are being...
  11. S

    The European Commission

    :kafa: The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby the English language will be the official language of the European Union in favour over the other candidate - German. As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for...
  12. A

    EU Commission

    >> The EU Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will >>be >>the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was >>the >>other possibility. >> >> >> As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that >>English >>spelling had some room for...
  13. Marc

    5% referal commission from

    Hi, Just to let you know as I have been trying to pull together all the finer detail of renting out Villa Marje I have been talking to ProperCar.Com they have said that they would not only offer your rental party the same 20% discount off rental prices but would also give you a 5% referal...
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