1. mollag

    An amusingly clever commercial, dikat! it contains cute dogs1

    Dog Goldberg Machine by BenefulĀ® - YouTube
  2. suzyq

    New Turkish Commercial Code 2012

    There is now a new Turkish Commercial Code
  3. Q

    rent prices (commercial) in Izmir

    Hello. I'm interested in rental prices for commercial objects in Izmir. Interested in booths or small stores for coffee shops etc in (or in front of) shopping centres or general in good locations with a lot of foot traffic. Not looking for specific offers (although if you have one, I might be...
  4. tykatem

    Commercial Break

    Any of you eagle-eyed members spotted a more inappropriately named product recently?? I'll start with these:- Australian version of Easy start maybe? Pete
  5. G

    commercial / residential

    is it possible to get change of use for properties from commercial to residential use ? anyone know or have experience of this in turkey. regards ged
  6. P

    Turkish Commercial Law

    Turkish Commercial Law D) Electronic transactions and information society services I - Internet site Article 1524 - (1) Each capital firm to open a website and a portion of this site, clearly defined, be deemed not to be limited to content, ads in a company he needs to do by law, paysahipleri...
  7. SuperBogs

    Israel allows commercial shipment of goods into Gaza

    GAZA CITY (AFP) - Israel on Sunday allowed the first commercial shipment of clothes and shoes into the Gaza Strip since 2008 but said its policy towards the territory's Hamas rulers had not changed. A Palestinian official had earlier said the five truckloads of clothes and five of shoes were...
  8. SonnyJim

    New law re 'commercial' vehicles??

    We own a Doblo, which we know to be classified as a commercial vehicle as a result the speed limit is lower and the tax we pay is higher etc. It has now been brought to our attention that there is now a new law for this class of vehicle stating that you must have a special license, in order to...
  9. ceemac

    Commercial Fishing

    I was surprised to learn that despite Turkey's substantial coastline, fishing is not an important contributor to the economy (only 0.4% of gross domestic product -2004 figures) Fishing is concentrated in the Black Sea area, which accounts for over 70% of fish caught, with just 4% and 2% in the...
  10. Sweetnighter

    New Commercial Development

    Just back from a very enjoyable 2 weeks in Yalikavak and continue to be mystified by the Belediye's decision to build the new commercial development in the centre of town and work seems to have stopped.Have tried to attach picture,hope it works.Anyone with latest news?What are your...
  11. J

    Property in a Commercial Zone

    We have purchased a new-build apartment in Yalikavak and have been advised by our solicitor that it is in a commercial zone so has a business place title deed and not a dwelling title deed. Does anyone know whether there is anything we need to be aware of with respect to this different type of...
  12. I

    Where is commercial union Fethiye

    Re: vbChat room Hello from England I have a property in Callis could someone tell me where the Commercial Union is next to Cinema. I will be coming by Water Taxi to Fethyie can you hlp please
  13. Marc

    New Commercial site in front of ARM development

    Hi Guys, Supposedly brand new shops going directly in front of the ARM build on the main road through Akbuk, no details on who the tennents will be yet but one massive build has just gone up covering half of the views from the villas and another in the process of being erected. Sure hope the...
  14. D

    Anyone with commercial interests here - Answers

    Re: Important - All Estate Agents please read Totally agree with you Mustaq. Even more so that even HireCars, Furniture, House sitters, resturants & bars etc should also declare any interests they have. In whole anyone running a Turkish Business. Dippey
  15. Mushtaq

    Important - Anyone with commercial interests here

    A number of our members have vested interests in estate agents or are representatives for estate agents, or are in a position to make financial gain from being a member of this forum. This conflict of interest may influence their posts. So, for the sake of all our member, please come clean, and...
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