1. G

    coming to mersin hopefully in september

    hi there. As the title says hopefully coming in september, any information would be gratefully accepted. We have been to turkey many times before all along the med coast and done the touristy things. Up to now our favourite place is antalya as the smaller towns like alanya, fethiye,get a little...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Thinking of coming to Turkey?

    I wonder what advice our members can offer. I will start with a gentle one. Don't expect to be served hot food in a restaurant.
  3. Camden

    Trump coming to Turkey

    London calling do you want to borrow a balloon ? Turkey's Erdogan says Trump may visit in July -
  4. bickern

    They're coming folks!

    Volvo: First autonomous fully electric bus SINGAPORE: Volvo has unveiled its first autonomous fully electric bus designed for passenger use, which is to undergo trials on the Nanyang Technological University campus. The Volvo 7900 Electric bus is equipped with sensors and navigation controls...
  5. Neil_Denizli

    I'm coming home I've done my time ...

    After 6 years in Denizli ... the city that never wakes ... the big patlıcan ... am moving back to Gűműşluk. What did I miss? Anything I should know? Tips advice recommendations and grumbles all equally welcom.
  6. Mojive

    Long time coming Cuba holiday!

    Hi fellow members :) Having a change from Turkey holidays and its nearly that time for 2 weeks in Cuba first 3 nights in Havana then on to AI for R and R.... flying out 31st Jan any must see/do in Havana, any tips at all. I know about cigar factory, Rum factory and the CARS :) going alone...
  7. bickern

    Plastic bag charges coming to Turkey

    The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Nov. 13 submitted a draft law to the parliament updating the regulatory regime for packing and waste proposing the ban of free plastic bags at supermarkets. The regulation is planned to be effective as of Jan. 1, 2019. AKP Deputy Chair Mehmet...
  8. Camden

    Aliens are Coming

    If I was them I wouldn't bother, with the state the earth is in at the moment. Huge object passing Earth 'could be alien spacecraft from another part of galaxy', say scientists huge object passing by Earth could be an alien spacecraft, scientists have said. The bizarre cigar-shaped...
  9. McB

    Good Morning Bodrum! Welcome your New Neighbors...The Chinese Are Coming!

    Ho Lee Fook! Once a famous chinese restaraunt on the King's Road, and now maybe we will get some decent Chinese food finally in Bodrum too... after this one is completed...covering 12 million square meters, it will be the largest town of it's kind in Europe.. coming to a place near you in Bodrum...
  10. suzyq

    Heatwave coming

    Temperatures across the nation will increase to above seasonal levels in the coming days, according to meteorologists. Temperatures will increase to over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) tomorrow in Istanbul and the surrounding region. On the coastal regions to the south, along the...
  11. christella

    france coming out of EU

    sky news this morning France following Britain to exit EU
  12. E

    Brownish water coming out of faucet

    Just wondering if anyone else living in OBA has the same problem as we do. For the last couple of weeks we have noticed the water having a brownish tint to it. Even if you let it run, the water in the tub will not get clear - it looks brownish or rusty like in color. tx Ed
  13. bickern

    Yes, it's coming

    In times of heat I need to think cold.
  14. bickern

    Minions are coming

    Another one I can't wait for. Minions I think this could be my 3rd or 4th childhood, my second seemed to pass so quickly.
  15. Mushtaq

    More problems coming to Europe as result of US and European foreign policies?

    Seems like the policies that help create chaos in the middle east will have long term damaging effects for Europe. I wonder how many of the 1000s of new refugees hitting European shores are ISIS members...
  16. D

    Rain coming

    Rain forecast for Friday night and most of Saturday, then very windy all of Sunday.........a day off from watering the plants at last. Batten down the hatches!!:biggrin:
  17. D

    Big Cruise ships coming to Fethiye

    I have been reading recently about a new major effort locally by a determined, optimistic,group of people to make an area of Fethiye ( Harbour) a recognised location `stop over ` several days in a week for big Ocean going Cruise ships. Personally and selfishly I hope it doesn`t...
  18. suzyq

    Is there an RP increase coming?

    This was posted on the UKinTurkey website on the 13th August. Has anyone else who are British, in the last couple of days, in other locations had this problem? I hope the GDMM reply quickly to resolve this new issue. Hello, I just applied for a 6 month residency permit in Antalya. They...
  19. A

    Coming to Altinkum in June

    Hello, me and my wife are coming to Altinkum on 16 June for two weeks. I am having some dental work done and hopefully , a nice relaxing holiday. We are staying at Palm Wings Hotel. Does anyone have ideas for eating out, pubs or trips to fill our time. Hope to hear from you, Tony and Jane
  20. james fowler

    IKEA coming to Bodrum

    Saw the workers putting up the sign yesterday. It will open on the 22nd of this month. It's quite hard to spot as it's set back off the main road about 150 mtrs past the Bitez roundabout on the left hand side. Drove up for a look and loads of stock inside allready. No more trips to Izmir
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