1. Akasya

    Great Tidings of comfort and Joy

    Great Tidings of comfort and Joy To all on TLF , their friends , family and loved ones everywhere Peace and Harmony Loving awareness Transcends Happy Christmas Steve and Jackie

    Built for comfort not speed

    Was not sure whether to put this into another thread relating to" keeping warm in winter". British women officially the fattest in Europe - Telegraph :504xn:
  3. Struggs

    Pashmina & Comfort Creme

    This is a nice one, you get a Pashmina, bottle of comfort creme, enough for 3 washes and a 40p off coupon. You only need to supply 1 friend's e'mail address, I just gave one of my other e'mail addys :lol:
  4. Struggs

    Comfort Creme fabric conditioner

    Free sample
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