1. A

    Combi boiler

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help me. I recently bought a villa in Gumbet. The appliances were run down so I replaced everything new. The only thing I didn't replace was the Combi boiler. Low and behold, 2 days ago the water was hot in the morning and cold the rest of the day. Does anyone know...
  2. D

    anyone know a place that sells cheap or reconditioned combi's

    İ am looking for a source in İzmir of decently priced gas combi's or recondition secondhand units...postal can be done if priced keenly!!...failing that i need pointing towards a high output unit that will heat 450m sq !!
  3. immac

    Combi Boilers

    From Turkish Daily News: "Combination boilers becoming heater of choice Monday, January 15, 2007 We have moved from central to unit specific heating and expanded in the market with “smart” combination boilers ISTANBUL – Hürriyet The combination boiler heater industry, known as kombi in...
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