1. bickern

    Millionaire who bans 'coloured' people faces Prosecution

    The equality watchdog has begun formal legal action against buy-to-let mogul Fergus Wilson after he told his letting agent to ban “coloured” tenants because they left curry smells in his properties. It emerged in March that Wilson, who owns almost 1,000 homes across Ashford and Maidstone in...
  2. ted j

    Coloured toolbar icons for firefox

    If you don't like the all dark grey, minimalistic look of the firefox toolbar icons, try these Grizzly's Home Page - Firefox Toolbar Icons for WinXP Ted
  3. C

    Cream coloured electrical appliances

    I'm thinking of replacing my white goods ( washing machine , dishwasher and fridge freezer ) Ideally I would now like them in a cream colour, however , I have only seen them in white or silver . If anyone out there has seen the cream coloured anywhere , please could they advise me where.
  4. murdo

    Light coloured solid-wood furniture

    Hi I saw pics of Gail's solid-wood furniture, which looks lovely. Does anyone know if you can also get solid wood furniture in Turkey BUT in light-coloured woods, such as beech? Thanks Jackie
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