1. S

    Dating Turkish girls in college

    Anything I should know about dating Turkish girls in college? Im going to college after this summer, and I haven't known any Turkish girls other than Gulenist religious fundamentalists my parents knew (I wouldn't say I am gulenist, i disagree with them on things and I don't attend any of their...
  2. S

    Will community college credits transfer to North cyprus university?

    My gpa is a little low right now as a college student, so I want to go to community college here in the usa to raise my gpa, and then apply to a university in northern Cyprus....will my credits transfer? and do I need to go to community college to raise my gpa? my overall gpa is high, but my...
  3. S

    Are these college degrees worth anything in the US?

    I'm a senior in high school, and I was considering majoring in either finance, economics, or geography when I go to college.......I know finance is useful, but I read economics has an even higher recent graduate unemployment rate than history, and is quite high, and I don't know the rate for...
  4. N

    American College Soke

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has children that attend the American College in Soke and your views please. I have a 13 and 8 year old English speaking children.
  5. beyazbayan

    Birmingham college Niqab Ban

    Birmingham college bans Muslim students from wearing religious veils for 'security reasons' Read more: Muslim students banned from wearing niqab at Birmingham Met college for 'security reasons' | Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  6. Q

    Turkish lessons and college classes

    So I'm thinking that if I'm having as much trouble finding full-time work right now as I seem to, it might make sense to take some classes. Specifically: 1. Turkish language classes. (I've been here over half a year and still find myself resorting to mime half the time.) 2. Engineering, math...
  7. J

    TED College OBA Info Please??

    Hi We are planning to send our son to TED College in September,if anyone out there has children in this school, can I please pick your brain for info??? Thanks
  8. C

    Hi Everyone, I Am A College Student From The US and I Have Some Questions About Turke

    Hi Everyone! My name is CJ and I'm doing a research paper for school about how well Hershey's Chocolate Syrup would sell in Turkey. Before Monday, I am supposed to interview Turkish people and ask them some questions.. Everyone seems really friendly here, so I was hoping that you would help me...
  9. H

    Bodrum Marmara College

    Hi Everyone, My sister has applied for a teaching position at the Bodrum Marmara College, does any of you guys know any info about its benefit pacakage for its teachers? such as salary, accom etc... many thanks
  10. M

    Beginners course in Turkish St Helens College

    I was too late to enrole for the course which starts in October, but spoke to Migel at the college who told me the couse is full, but runs for 10 weeks and I am first on the reserved list. It cost £65 for the 10 weeks He also said the course had been very popular and if many more people want...
  11. S

    Turkish Lessons at St Helens College Merseyside

    For those who are interested in learning Turkish there is a course starting on 20th Sept 2006 at St Helens College Merseyside. Priced at £179.00 for the year!!! and there are two levels of entry. Monday 7pm-9pm level2 Wednesday 7pm-9 level 1 I dont think you can complain at the cost as private...
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