1. Freedom 49

    Fabulous Classic Book Collection

    I have had a superb collection of 50 Classic titles donated for our continuous Fundraising to help feed and keep our Street-Cats healthy. All in 1st Class condition and I'm reluctant to sell them individually as we normally do from our bookshelves here, as it seems wrong to break up the set...
  2. j in bo

    Water collection

    After the helpful advice and direction last week on underfloor heating, I would like to ask experience of collecting water. Although only a small plot, I am a Keen gardener. The area is supplied by water tanker, making it expensive and controlled for our new property we are upgrading. I would...
  3. O

    I'm moving and would like someone to have my book collection...

    I'll be moving away from Alanya and I won't be able to carry all of my books with me. They are mostly novels in English and most are brand new. I am open for exchange ideas...
  4. K

    Debt Collection Agency in Bodrum

    HI Its been a while since my last post on here. I was wondering if anyone knew a debt collection service in Bodrum. Method not important as been through the legal system and it failed miserably. Any help would be appreciated. Still owed 100 K after being riped off by a turkish con man.Thanks
  5. O

    Wilbur Smith Collection and a Bike

    My Wilbur Smith books and bike for sale. Alanya
  6. D

    Luggage Collection at Izmir Airport

    I know there are now separate Domestic and International terminals at what happens to your luggage if you fly domestic from Istanbul to Izmir after having first flown international London to istanbul? In the past when the terminals were in the same building when you arrived at Izmir...
  7. bickern

    Weekly bin collection is to be axed and mus separate rubbish sepeinto five containers

    It gets worse. Here I get collection twice a week and no problems with what you put in the bin. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Every home must be made to separate its rubbish into at least five bins, the Government says. The enforcement of waste collection...
  8. suzyq

    debt collection offices bribery under spotlight as job applications fall

    After 75 percent of officials working in the state's debt collection offices were removed from their positions following a much complained about bribery problem, the number of job applications with debt collection offices has fallen drastically. After a justice commission set up by an ─░stanbul...
  9. pembelu

    SOBA kuzine style double /oven with extras - koycegiz collection

    double style wood burning stove kuzine soba with many pipes black marble base available but in 2 pieces vinyl floor cover child security grate...cant think of the name in English right now?! attatchable clothes dryer section possibly some wood cost over 350tl in total selling for 250tl used for...
  10. pembelu

    WHITE bathroom free standing cupboard koycegiz collection

    free standing standard white cabinet / cupboard shelves at top and bottom and 2 drawers 70tl ono collection central koycegiz
  11. pembelu

    TV UNIT SHELVES koycegiz collection

    strong well made TEPE brand tv unit in sections can be put together as suits you also has a sectioner piece x 2 you can add in or not for smaller items the glass section comes off and the tv unit is on wheels i cant locate the screws for the glass bit as yet one side of tall unit has some kids...
  12. peter the postie

    Monthly charge for refuse collection & sewerage?

    We have an apartment in Altinkum. Has this already been discussed on the forum? Dear Owner, It has come to our attention that the Belediye (Council) as of 1st June have put in place a monthly charge for refuse collection & sewerage. This will be charged every month irrespective of water...
  13. awaqac

    postcards from all over the world! yay!

    Hi guys, Is there anyone who is interested in collecting postcards and stamps just like me? Today I'd like to introduce you a website to let you contact other postcard collectors from all around the world. You can basically make a great collection via this website. ok here is the address...
  14. Sirinyergirl

    Collection of maintenance fees

    Hi folks, I've heard through our complex's website today that our builders/ maintenance team are saying that many residents have not paid their maintenance fees. This is the same complex recently under discussion in my other thread where I mentioned there is currently no committee set up...
  15. Sunny Seasider

    December Joke Thread

    I knew a girl that was so stupid that....... she called me to get my phone number. She spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said 'concentrate.' She put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind. She tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order. She...
  16. N

    rubbish collection

    Hi all Akbuk local council is now emtying the bins twice weekly so far and we have not seen any wild boars yet. Have a nice day Nigel and Mary
  17. C

    Clinical Waste Collection Service

    I suppose like a lot of people here, i medicate my animals myself. But, what to do with used needles/syringes ect. I don't like throwing them in the house hold rubbish. I've found out that there is a Clinical Waste Collection Service that comes to Dalyan once a week and collects from all the...
  18. zozatky

    My life long collection is for sale..!!

    I have collected these models over many years 99.9% are boxed, and have certificates, some never opened, all model cars, buses, trucks ect never been played with. Most of the 00 Hornby models never been used. Ill health is the main factor behind my sale. So if there are any collectors or...
  19. gerald

    Some lucky people in this collection of clips
  20. R

    Akkaya - Rubbish Bins & Waste Collection

    With the ever growing population at Whiterock and other locations in the Akkaya we are suffering some problems with the disposal of rubbish from this area. We are a small community of seven villas located in Bozoru, on the road half way between Atakent and Akkaya. There are a total of five bins...
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