How do you collect your pension

    How do resident members collect their pension payments.. Assuming it's a sterling pension,is it paid into a GBP account in Turkey which you convert to TL as you need it . Or do you have it paid into an account like Revolt and covert and withdraw as required from a Turkish Atm or transfer to...
  2. pembelu

    WANTED- tumble dryer / fridge freezer .can collect. koycegiz based.

    anyone selling pls contact me thanks and decent fridge freezer also pls
  3. ceemac

    Bulgaria Nationalists Collect Signatures against Turkey's EU Entry

    Why can neighbours never get on? 'The Bulgarian nationalist party VMRO is going to start collecting signatures to petition the government to veto Turkey’s EU entry.' Here C
  4. zuberdust

    So. What do you collect? Antiques etc...

    over the years im sure some of you have come to probably have a large collection of things which you like or mean something to you. I have a love of antique and things from the past! What i have been collecting slowly are antique oil lamps which i purchase in medium to bad condition at a good...
  5. M

    Van hire to collect goods from Izmir

    Hi We are shipping some personal possessions over from England about 20 boxes - 12x18x18. We need a van peferably with a driver to pick up from Izmir and drop off in Yalikavak. Recommendations please! Thanks. Mandy
  6. Andy

    What do you Collect

    My 3 weaknesses are Anything to do with the Concorde Aircraft. Trioka pottery & Lalique Glass.
  7. S

    When to collect Tapu ?

    Could any body give me advice as to how i find out if my Tapu is ready.We bought in May 2005 through our estate agents, we visited at christmas and was told they had not arrived, we have been trying to contact the agents as we are going out for Easter and to date have had no joy in...
  8. shirleyanntr

    Todays word is collect together

    We are preparing to move by this weekend so here are a few words and phrases that are used in this situation. To collect things together the verb is toplamak..its also used for collecting people together…for tidying up…for summing up etc. ‘Evi eşyalar toplamalıyım…işimiz çok var.’ The house...
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