1. ted j

    Stage collapses at concert in Indiana

    (Sorry the video is slow to load, its amateur footage)Stage Collapses at Indiana State Fair Concert: 4 Killed, 24 Injured [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
  2. mrkeith

    Sun4U collapses
  3. P

    Readers Digest collapses

    The future of 72-year-old magazine Reader's Digest UK is under threat after the British edition collapsed into administration. Full story..
  4. saffie

    New Year dieting

    This put my New Year diet into a bit of perspective. Of course I am too young to have been affected by rationing,but my parents often used to tell us kids we didn't know when we were well off. Certainly made me think when I discovered this article this morning in the...
  5. shirleyanntr

    ─░stanbul building collapses.

    There was lot on the TV news today about a 5 storey building in ─░stanbul that collapsed after midnight last night. Two people were killed and about 25 injured. People on the road saw the building moving and threw stones etc at the windows to alert the people inside..this probably saved quite a...
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