1. IbrahimAbi

    Bridge collapse

    A bridge in the Black Sea province of Samsun collapsed on Aug. 26, injuring two citizens. The bridge over the Terme streamlet, connecting the Çay and Felenk neighborhoods, has collapsed following torrential rains. Bridge collapse injures two in Turkey?s north - Turkey News
  2. bickern

    Another building collapse

    This time in Russia. I hope those trapped are rescued okay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three storeys of university building in St Petersburg collapse amid fears dozens of Russian students are buried under the rubble, A Russian university...
  3. C

    Pier collapse hotel

    Eight people have been injured when an old pier at the 5* Caprice hotel at Akbuk collapsed at 1am in the morning. It is claimed that the pier had no planning permission. Two people are still in hospital with leg and arm injuries.
  4. juco

    Merkel coalition talks collapse.

    I sympathise. :-) laughing compilation - YouTube
  5. A

    2 Buildings Collapse in Istanbul
  6. tykatem

    Another mine collapse

    At least one worker was killed while two others injured in a coal mine collapse in northern Turkish province of zonguldak, notorious for its mines that rarely meet work safety conditions. On Tuesday, the mine that operates under TTK Armutçuk Facilities Directorate in Kandilli neighborhood...
  7. B

    Israel/Palestine "peace" talks close to collapse.

    John Kerry tries to rescue Middle East peace talks amid fears of collapse - Telegraph Each side blaming the other. Will there ever be agreement? Bill.
  8. Y

    Does anybody really think the Euro will collapse

    Lets face it, it wont be easy and it wont happen over night, futhermore these countries in trouble now would still be in trouble even if their currency was Euro, Lira, Drachma or monopoly. They would also be in a worse position if they hadnt been in the Euro, that much is certain. It was greed...
  9. ceemac

    Turkey Responsible For Greek Collapse Claim

    What a load of bollocks - how do these sort of people ever get elected? 'Turkey is involved in Greece’s economic sinking, said a Greek Member of the European Parliament, Turkish Vatan newspaper writes.' Here C
  10. C

    Budget Travel Ireland collapse

    After 35 years trading Cheap Holidays, Last Minute Holiday & Package Holidays - Budget Travel Ireland
  11. tomc1984

    Scott Travel Collapse

    Anyone booked with Scott Travel who specialise in flights and holidays to Bodrum and Dalyan airports, certainly from the North East, not sure about the rest of the UK, heard just now that they have gone bankrupt, flights from Newcastle cancelled for tonight.
  12. G

    collapse of perfect pools

    I was sorry to hear about all the people that had been let down by the perfect pool company this year and was just mentioning it to my husband who also has a pool business here in Altinkum. He has kindly offered to empty, clean or restart any of your pools for free! Although its just starting...
  13. steve & sue

    XL Collapse: Dying Woman Stranded
  14. K

    Retaining Wall Collapse!

    Hi All, I need some serious advice here. During the recent bad weather in the Bodrum area several of the nice looking (but obviously crap) Bodrum Stone retaining walls at the front and rear of some of the villas on our Co-Op have collapsed causing various amounts of damage to gardens and...
  15. R

    Talks collapse in Finland

    Hi, I must say that I'm really surprised at the lack of discussion on the forum about the breakdown of talks today. This is a huge piece of news, in the long-term it may affect all of those who have homes in Turkey. It looks as though Turkey's bid to join the EU may be scuppered by their...
  16. R

    Supermarket Roof Collapse's

    Following the Heavy rain last week here in Antalya,the recently opened 'Kippa ' Supermarket had it's roof collapse.The great tragedy was that a 3 year old Turkish Girl was killed.Our thoughts are with the family. It will take around 6 months apparently before the store can re open. Ian
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