1. Camden

    New Cold War with China..

    Is this the start of a new Cold War? This time with China ? With Boris Johnson new U turn on Huawei, dropping them from 5g and now calling for their extraction from 4g ....In doing so we now hear we are in for a Chinese economic retaliation. Happening at a time we have had record blow...
  2. mollag

    Russia, in from the cold ?

    It didnt take long IMHO, pragmatic reasons cited but the result is business as usual.:amen:
  3. Andy

    Nuisance cold callers

    Have found a site that apparently stops cold callers after about a month. They say you should notice a decline after 28 days. I have just registered. Thought it was worth posting. Telephone Preference Service Register TPS Good Luck Andy
  4. Yalides

    Cold calling

    Just how many cold calls can one expect during the course of the day. Its getting to be an epidemic now and I thought the practice had become illegal but I notice most are from call centres abroad. There are just so many times one can tell them to f**k off before the pleasure in doing so...
  5. Spurs

    Cold shoulder

    Iceland says NO to the EU, an interesting read. Opinion: Iceland?s pullout is a wake up call | Opinion | DW.DE | 13.03.2015
  6. T

    Homeless Turkish people dying in the cold

    Pictures of homeless Turkish people living in freezing cold conditions, one of the pictures shows one has died in the freezing conditions. It is so very sad. Posta Gazetesi, Gazeteler
  7. bal canavar

    Treatment of Strays in the cold weather

    Twitter is sharing about care for stray animals during the cold spell. The people who shared this was 'Innocent Eyes' account they shared a photo taken yesterday evening in the Karasu District. The Freezing happened and a photograph was taken of the dead dog to warn people what can...
  8. juco

    Ears, hot and cold

    As I sit here and have been indoors all day I have one ear feeling warm and one ear feeling cold....why is that?
  9. eshek

    Cold war propaganda or is it applicable today

  10. Jaycey

    It’s Cold!

    It must get pretty cold in the north of England sometimes so maybe someone can offer some advice – I’m all very new to this. Last night we had a couple of inches of snow and the temperature fell to -16C. This morning I used a plastic dustpan to scrape the snow off the car windows and tossed a...
  11. Jaycey

    Hot & cold sex

    After an examination, the doctor said to his patient: 'You appear to be in good health. Do you have any medical concerns you would like to ask me about?' 'In fact, I do.' said the old man. "After my wife and I have sex, I'm usually cold and chilly; and then, after I have sex with her the second...
  12. Sha Hoorsur


    Fed up with the cold weather in Scotland. It’s been snowing all weekend, and Monday. It’s still freezing today. I still can’t get my beard shaved off; I look like a member of ZZ Top. When are we going to see some sunshine? What’s the weather like in Fethiye just now?
  13. bickern

    Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?

    This is for all you germ conscious folks, who worry about using cold water to wash the dishes after a meal. John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area. After spending a great evening chatting the night away, in the morning, John's grandfather prepared a...
  14. S

    Cold remedies

    Anyone got any decent cold/flu remedies remembering its man flu we get it much worse than girls Have tried all the usual chemist stuff but still bloody stuck with cough shivers sore throat etc
  15. tinkycarol

    Water Dispenser Hot & Cold (Altinkum) for sale

    Telefox Hot & Cold water dispenser for sale. 80tl. Altinkum, Didim (Camlik area, near The Box bar off Ege Road). Model TFX-200E, white, approx 100cm high, 33cm x 33cm Only bought in Sept '11, barely used & surplus to requirements. Regards, Carol
  16. beyazbayan

    Flood gales and freezing cold UK

    Comming home tomorrow after 14 days in which the rain stopped for one day. Worse they say the long range forcast is for another 30 days of the same. My tan has faded and been replaced by rust marks. Tewksbury Glous is once again an island and many more are suffering from the floods. Advice...
  17. M

    How cold does it get in Izmir in winter?

    Hi, I was wondering how cold it is there in winter. We lived in Portugal for 6yrs and some of the winters we're really bad. We had no heating in the flat and ended up buying a calor gas heater after going to bed a good few times fully dressed. We also used to teach with our coats, gloves etc...
  18. Helenm150

    Cold and Rainy Sunday in Turkey

    How will you be spending your day on this cold and rainy Sunday in Turkey? ............ sorry, was trying to add photo - deleted most of my post lol - was planning to walk into town but 20 mins down a steep hill in the rain put me off - so no Sunday lunch for me today - will live off cheese and...
  19. lara

    Cold Callers

    Yesterday two men called at my mothers home, they were selling death plans, after sitting in my mums lounge for 45 minutes they walked out with £80 in cash and all my mothers bank details, she had signed up to a plan that didn't pay out if she died within the next two years, at a cost of £40 per...
  20. H

    cold water storage tank - request for help

    Hi, I am sick of having no water because my sites pump is stuck or the tank is empty, so I want to place a storage tank on my roof.I will be coming out this month especially to do this job. I reckon that will give me enough water pressure, so my question is; Can anyone please tell me where I...
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