1. gally

    Turkish Gold Coins - good investment?

    Just wondering if anybody might have some advice on investing in turkish gold coins. Never looked at this before so any help with how to buy/sell, which coins or even if it's a good investment opposed to cash banking? Thanks for any help.
  2. A

    Old coins

    Hello. Just been told that any silver coins are not being accepted by retailers. They still seem to be given in change though. Will bank/post office accept them. Heard a while ago about the old notes but not the coins.
  3. arrian

    £1 coins may have to be scrapped

    Every pound coin in UK could be scrapped as one in 36 are now fakes | Mail Online
  4. ceemac

    Chilean Mint Spells Country's Name Wrong On Coins

    The general manager of the Chilean mint has been fired after thousands of coins were issued bearing a howling error. Here C
  5. paddington bear

    New coins

    I have just been through my box in which I keep change for the dolmus and sorted out the new style lira from the old and am left with just over 16 lira in old style coins. Does anyone know if I can change these at my Bank (TEB) into the new style coins, or if there is any charity I could give...
  6. Andy

    The New British Coins

    Has anyone noticed that 7 of the new British coins make a shield when put together. I was told that if you make the shield there was a reward of £100. Now iv'e no idea if this is true or not, so has anyone else heard of this or is it just a rumour.
  7. lottie8888

    pound coins!!

    Hi guys I have £20 in pound coins that i desperatly need to change has anyone got an idea where i can change them? I dont know anyone going back to uk and the change office wont accept them :( I hope someone can help me :(
  8. C

    New Turkish banknotes and coins

    Thought this was intersting, images of new bank notes and coins from 1 January below: I hope this doesn't blow up anybody's computer. Quite a lot of images there to download!:)
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