1. christella

    the new pound coin

    the new pound coin once the new one is released the old one will have no value so get rid of them they are realest 28th march
  2. T

    Coin Laundry/Laundromat in Fethiye

    Hi, Do you know if there is any Coin Laundry/Laundromat in Fethiye?
  3. T

    £2 Magna Carta Coin -

    Yours for only £10 pounds, lol, complete with glaring schoolboy mistake!, not a bad mark-up for the Bank though, 8 quid above 'face-value' :sick: New £2 coin has 'mistake' printed on it | Metro News
  4. B

    New £100 coin

    BBC News - Royal Mint makes £100 coin featuring Big Ben clock tower I don't suppose I will have many of these in my possession. Bill.
  5. S

    Turkey, the other side of the coin.!

    Had to laugh reading this post in the Facebook group. the Fethiye area ex pat zone. Posted around 4 hours ago and has well over a hundred likes so far. Though some of the doom merchants, conspiratists, whinging poms, etc on here who might like to read it. By Andrew Clark. I seem to have a...
  6. tomc1984

    Coin master machine

    Does anyone know of any "coin mastermachines" similar to asda etc. Accumulate lolads of kurus.
  7. J

    the new 1 Lira coin

    Apparently the new 1 lira coin has done away with Ataturk and now shows a celebration of the recent 'Turkish Olympics'. Hmmmmm... Is Ataturk being gradually(yavaş yavaş) erased from the Turkish public's collective conciousness,at least in terms of importance?
  8. tallulah

    The other side of the coin.

    Pensioners failing to claim billions in benefits - Yahoo! Finance UK So often we hear of the benefit scroungers, and British people going without. Billions of pounds in benefits goes unclaimed each year simply because people do not know they are entitled to them.
  9. I

    head or my heart/ or toss a coin

    Hi All..It’s time again to start planning for the coming summer hoilday. I and my family went to Altinkum (Stayed in Didim) last year for 2 weeks. I'm now thinking of coming again in August but I'm in 2 minds about going to Altinkum or going to Icmeler where I've been 5 times in the last 8...
  10. Tess

    Are any members Coin Collectors ?

    I have found a box of coins my Husband was given on the demise of a late Uncle several years ago. Put in a cupboard and forgot about as you do. Neither of us have much knowledge of coins but my Husband likes coins. In the box is an Alexander the Great Bronze coin. King George V quarter rupee...
  11. ceemac

    The Other Side Of The Coin

    This is the ugly 'other' side of the coin (the reverse side being Islam4UK type events) 'Seventeen people were arrested and at least four police officers were injured after a protest against Islamic extremism turned violent.' Here C
  12. Ms Who

    The other side of the coin.

    Altinkum was once a small fishing village that turned into a tourist resort for Brits and then a place to buy cheap property. I don’t think all the Emlaks around in those days were greedy rip off merchants. I think they have learned a lot of lessons from the Wide boy type character who saw this...
  13. ceemac

    New Euro Coin Upsets Turkey

    Turkey is unhappy regarding the issue of the new Euro coins due to go into circulation in 2008. Turkey, a candidate, has been excluded off the European map on the coin, whilst Russia and Belarus, who are not candidates, have been shown. The new coin design was apparently planned back in 2005...
  14. A

    Turkish Fest- Coin Street Festival 2007-London

    Turkish Fest- Coin Street Festival 2007 Back for a fourth year running is Turkish Fest – a feast of Turkish culture with music, dance, food & craft stalls, family workshops and much more.The music line-up showcases a mix of traditional and contemporary sounds including folk, plus fabulous...
  15. madturkishcow

    The other side of the coin

    As the posting ‘Saturday night in Paradise' attracted a fair amount of comment, I thought it would be in our interests to put the Turks side of the story and what they feel about us. Personally, I think they molly-coddle our demands or are too soft with us.The reason that this happens is...
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