1. U

    Another nail in the coffin

    Turkey to ban TV DATING shows in new sign of Islamisation | Daily Mail Online
  2. S

    Another nail in the coffin

    I see in in the online UK Telegraph that expats outside that's EEA ( that involves those of us who are living in Turkey) legislation is coming in that not only will we be charged for NHS treatment in hospital and for GPs but on top of that there will be a punitive 50% extra charge.
  3. Billy Joe

    Another nail in the coffin!

    I?ll never again take holiday in a Muslim country I would think some will come on and decry the source.
  4. bal canavar

    Nail in the Coffin

    President Gul announces he will leave the Presidency on the 28th Aug and wont go for a second term. Before he goes, it is said that he will approve the New Judicial Package that will put the now Independent Judiciary under the instruction of the government. Dealing a lethal blow to the...
  5. Squeaky

    Final nail in the coffin of Turkish hopes for EU

    Good morning: Many members have predicted in the past that Turkey will never get into the EU and even suggested that the Turkish government has lost interest. Recent events such as Chancellor Merkel's visit to Greek Cyprus and her speeches have clearly indicated, in my opinion, that Turkey...
  6. culturevulture

    ryan air delivers coffin and flowers to T2

    This made me chuckle, as he might have a point. More unnessesary spending. News : Irish Tourism R.I.P Mary.
  7. K

    Beyond the coffin....

    Following on from the Creationism thread, i'd like to ask a question to the non-believing members. This is not intended to be atagonistic or provocative, i'm not trying to be inflamatory, i am genuinely curious. :) In the absence of faith, what do you think about the concept of the 'soul'? Do...
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