1. bickern

    Dalgona Coffee

    This cold coffee is AMAZING! This coffee has been viral in Korea during quarantine time, then it got viral on TikTok and now it is very trendy all over the internet. Dalgona Coffee is a cold latte drink that comes with a velvety smooth and sweet coffee foam on top. The combination of cold milk...
  2. M

    Turkish Coffee

    We have been given a Turkish coffee set, with six small cups with no handles, six larger with handles and six saucers. It is very pretty and I would like to use it. However, I am a bit in the dark about making the coffee. According to Google and several searches both on Amazon and eBay, it...
  3. A

    Yapi Kredi Coffee

    I was surprised by a knock on the door this morning as I was not expecting anyone. It was our gardener with a big package for me which had come from Istanbul to our PTT in Side. Inside were 6 x tins of various Turkish coffees - free from Yapi Kredi. Is this something the banks do for their...
  4. A

    Where to buy Coffee Pods in Fethiye?

    Anyone know where to buy coffee pods in Fethiye? Do the supermarkets have them? Thanks in advance,Derek.
  5. mamish

    Coffee and cakes in Koycegiz!

    News for Koycegiz, Dogusbelen, and around - a brand new coffee shop (Hay-at) has just opened on the main road between Toparlar and Dogusbelen. They have a proper coffee machine and delicious cakes - good break point for the cyclists and bikers! It's on the right hand side just after the...
  6. J

    TV Unit & Coffee Table FOR SALE

    TV Wall Unit and coffee table with storage compartment for sale. Both very good condition. 150tl each. Buyer must be able to collect from Tosmur. Anybody interested please call 0534 295 8684
  7. B

    Nespesso coffee pods

    I am taking a nespresso out to our place in Turkey but did wonder two things. Can you take coffee pods on hand luggage . Can you buy nespresso,pods in the Dalyan area . I have searched stansted security and cant get an answer also,tried on here for,any related threads with no luck. Any advice...
  8. Jaycey

    Coffee anyone?

    Schümos Coffee Commercial - YouTube
  9. J

    Coffee morning

    A coffee morning is being held at the Aegean restaurant, Ovacik, on Thursday November 7th, starting at 10.30 am. Bric a brac, clothing and food items on sale. Any donations of bric a brac or food items that need collecting, please let me know. ALL proceeds are going towards the winter feeding of...
  10. L

    coffee in Turgutries

    Coming back to Turgutries on Monday, anyone fancy a get together over coffee or something stronger
  11. niyaz

    Tea or coffee

    Tea verses coffee. Which beverage has more benefits. I drink both. :roundgrin
  12. J

    cup of coffee anyone?

    hello everyone i would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year where ever you are.i will be in alanya on 7 of jan to check on my apartment in mahmutlar for a week and i would like to meet anyone living between alanya and mahmutlar for a cup of cay or coffee or maybe lunch or...
  13. christella

    have a cup of coffee click on above
  14. D

    Great coffee shop

    For those of us that enjoy going to Istanbul please try this coffee shop Denizen Coffee Istanbul - Home great service and great coffee/tea/cakes. Run by two American guys, Ken&Earle with the help of Mete their young Turkish waiter...wonderful place and so friendly. Its also just 2 :11: minutes...
  15. I

    MacMillan Coffee Morning.

    A Coffee Morning is being held on 28th September at 11am in the Grand Okan Hotel in aid of the MacMillan Cancer Foundation. There will be : * Tombola stall with various prizes. * Home made cakes. (yum!) * Good quality "nearly new" clothes...
  16. John O' Dreams

    Instant coffee

    I've just turned on Deal or No Deal on C4+1 and made a coffee. The problem is, it's Nescafe. Does anyone know if Carte Noir is available anywhere? Or, if not, what do you recommend for a similar strong roasted taste?
  17. I

    Friday 17th Coffee Ladies ?

    Hi everyone Next Friday the 17th the IWAI will have its usual coffee morning at the Swiss Hotel i havent been able to go for a while and plan to go on Friday would anyone like to join me ? I will be taking along some books for the bookswap as well and perhaps afterwards we can have lunch...
  18. Minajayne

    Coffee Maker advice please..

    I think i'd like to buy a coffee imagining my kitchen would be like Starbucks. Are they really any good...whats the price range (in Turkey)...and how much is the filter coffee. I'm looking for one that does frothy things and other tricks (!). I've always been a tea drinker but since...
  19. I

    Coffee At Swiss Tomorrow

    For anyone who is in town there is an International Coffee Morning at the Swiss Hotel tomorrow morning 10am till 12 just ask for directions when you arrive. IWAI Isla x
  20. butt007

    Macmillan coffee morning

    Hello there all you good folks out there, Linda purser has asked me to put this on the forum. There will be a MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING at THE GRAND OKAN ALANYA Time SEPTEMBER 30th 11.00am Arranged by the Alanya...
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