1. keny

    coeliac food

    Are their any restaurants that can offer properly cooked coeliac food? What is available to buy in supermarkets to make oneself? Thank you if you can help.
  2. keny

    Coeliac bread- bakers

    Are there any bakers in Altinkum that coeliacs have asked to bake gread/.rolls/buns by supplying gluten free flour/Thanks if you can help.
  3. keny

    coeliac disease

    Are there any coeliacs out there?How do you cope with the food problem in turkey?Are there any coeliac foods available.Thank you if you can help
  4. S

    Coeliac Query

    I will be in Turkey for an extended holiday later this year and will not be able to take out sufficient bread with me. Can anyoune tell me what non wheat flours I can buy out there e.g corn flour rice flour, chick pea flour etc and the turkish translations so that I can make easy sustitutes...
  5. V

    coeliac disease help

    Hi I have a friend with coeliac disease who is going on holiday to Turkey and i would like some advice on eating out and in. Is there anywhere in the Side area that sells gluten free products and any restaurants that have a dedicated gluten free section on the menu? Also, when I type in a...
  6. T

    Coeliac blood tests etc.

    Hope someone can help. I was diagnosed as Coeliac just over 2 years ago in the UK. Blood tests, biopsy, endoscopy the lot. We moved to Fethiye to live 18 months ago. I do my best to stay gluten free but I really need to get a check up and blood test done. Can anyone please recommend a Clinic...
  7. I

    Coeliac Sufferers

    My wife Jean is a Coeliac sufferer and depends on Gluton Free products, bread etc., Can anyone, perhaps with this similar condition, confirm if these products can be purchased from local supermarkets. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  8. M

    coeliac help in Altinkum

    Hi everyone hope you can help have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and would welcome any advice and info on buying Gluten free products in Altinkum do any of the supermarkets(gima tansas migros) sell gluten free products.I am gutted as i will no longer be able to stuff my face with...
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