1. N

    EasyJet promotional codes

    Does anyone know of any easyJet promotion code For flights to bodrum please Cheers Jimmy
  2. christella

    sun holiday codes

    Bonus code - MORE 9th January - COOL 10th January - MOON 11th January - DOTS 12th January - FINE 13th January - TRIP 14th January - BAGS 15th January - WINK 16th January - FIZZ 17th January - B9T4
  3. mollag

    Expat text codes

  4. J

    QR codes for headstones

    Started a couple of years ago and more people are having a smartphone readable QR code linked to to an autobigraphical webpage attached to thier gravestones. I think mine would be a big Dadid Bradley Kes pose. BBC News - Son fits QR code on war hero father's gravestone
  5. L

    Airline Discount Codes

    Want to book some flights with Lufthansa, does anyone have any discount codes that I can use, thanks Sharon
  6. christella

    orange codes

    generate your code to get a free film on a Wednesday with orange without the sim card Free Orange Wednesday Codes
  7. N

    Switching Iphone Imei codes?

    Hey guys, I broke my iPhone recently and which I unlocked in Turkey about a year ago. Anyway I have another iphone from Japan but as I cant unlock another phone within 2 years I am wondering if I can somehow switch the imei code from the broken one to the new one or would it be a problem because...
  8. A

    Swift codes

    I need a swift code to transfer funds from UK to my AKbank account in Fethiye. I did some research on t'internet and found Akbank codes for several cities unfırtunately Fethiye is not amongst them. An example I found was for Galata branch in İstanbul AKBKTRIS019. I went to my branch in...
  9. turkishknashers

    vocher codes & boots points

    i have been internet shopping all day to avoid the town and thought i would share some of my money saving with you all whatever you buy and whoever it is from, open a new tab before you pay and type in 'voucher codes for (blah blah ) sometimes they come up with money off sometimes for free...
  10. Bibby

    Middle age texting codes:

    ATD -at the doctor. BFF -best friend fell. BTW -bring the wheelchair. BYOT -bring your own teeth. FWIW -forgot where I was. GGPBL -gotta go, pacemaker battery low. GHA -got heartburn again. IMHO -is my hearing aid on? LMDO -laughing my dentures out. OMMR -on my massage recliner. ROFLACGU...
  11. C

    Thor codes

    Does anyone know the new codes for thor?:11:
  12. S

    Thor Codes

    Does anyone know how to enter codes into Goldmaster reciever box to unscramble thor satellite.Hijo gave some instructions but this did not work for me.
  13. GnD

    Dress Codes for Tesco Supermarket

    In this supermarket nightwear wearing customers are so common they have introduced a dress code! I don't think I have ever seen such a clothed customer and struggling to stop laughing over the comment Tesco's loss is Aldi's gain. Lucky Aldi Cover up! No shopping in PJs or barefoot, Tesco...
  14. A

    Electric wiring colour codes

    Hi Does anyone know the colours of the wires used in Turkey. UK is green or green/yellow for earth Red or Brown for live Black or Blue for nuetral. I am going over in a few weeks to hopefully put some lights up, but the electric is not connected yet. I suppose I could have a look in the...
  15. kaplumba

    discount codes

    I managed to get a discount last year by using welcome5 for Thomas Cook flights. Please does anyone know if that is still appropriate or is there a new code?
  16. peter the postie

    Tesco codes

    Save yourself a few quid shopping online.. TESCO POINTS VOUCHER CODES - EXTRA CLUBCARD points 200 Points when spending £50.00 Code: XX-KFCW Expires: 28/02/09 200 Points when spending £50.00 Code: XX-T9D8 Expires: 28/02/09 200 Points when spending £50.00 Code: XX-7PC8 Expires: 28/02/09 200...
  17. Andy

    Voucher codes

    BHS online - 10% off £35 online = teachersbhs Legoland Windsow - up to £14.50 off. Alton Towers Resort - up to £13 off. Chessington - up to £11 off. Thorpe Park - up to £12 off. Madame Tussauds - up to £7 off. the Dungeons - up to 50% off. Sea Life Centres - up to 40% off. Warwick Castle...
  18. spitfire

    Tesco Home Shopping Codes

    Save your legs and do your grocery shopping on line :) Put these codes into the Tesco website before you check out This one saves you £12 off a £50 spend! XXTCVL Officially valid 10/12/07 > 16/12/07 but works now These save you £6 off a £60 spend XXTQ43 Valid...
  19. Andy

    Discount Codes

    Discount codes for just about anything especially flights if you can find them, there are so many. Happy Browsing ?
  20. J

    Discount codes

    Hi has anyone got any promo codes for discounts on flights? My son got £15 discounts using "mod".
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