1. IbrahimAbi

    HES Code

    Can anyone explain how the HES code works? I know how to get one, both me and the missus have downloaded one, but I am curious to know how it helps.
  2. W

    Teb secure code sms

    I am just wondering whether anybody can come up with a solution to a really annoying problem being experienced at present. As with most banks I suppose, access to internet banking is governed by entering security details and having a one time passcode sent via sms to the user's registered...
  3. E

    Dress code

    Am I being old-fashoned ? After the fairly recent fuss about mothers taking their kids to school in their PJs we now have this .... I even don't like it much if people come down to breakfast in hotels wearing their nightclothes - presumably unwashed .... Tesco has said shoppers wearing...
  4. juco

    Hotmail security code issue

    I am sure others have already been caught out. I went to Ireland for a few days only to find I couldnt access my hotmail due to a change of location. They wanted me to enter my secure code, which I didnt have and answering their security questions went nowhere. They could have sent a secure code...
  5. M

    discount code

    does anyone have the discount code for easy jet for travel to turkey please very much appreciated.
  6. M

    Swift code

    Hi, does anyone know what the swift code is for the Denizbank in Kusadasi Carsi Subesi 72870172 is please. Thanks
  7. D

    HSBC SWIFT code?

    Anyone know the SWIFT code for HSBC Fethiye? Please. [Trying on the phone is hopeless.]
  8. Tommie

    India scrambles jets after Turkish Airlines planes given same code

    There's a potentially frightening story in Today's Zaman about 2 Turkish planes being given the same code as they had been falsely identified by Pakistan. The mistake was apparently due to bad radiowave problems. Fortunately, Indian Air Command made a visual inspection of both planes and the...
  9. christella

    Didim Akbank swift code?

    i am trying to transfer for the first time money to my account in turkey didim akbank any body know the swift code please
  10. B

    Code Breakers.

    BBC News - Bletchley Park: No longer the world's best kept secret This is a story that I never tire of reading about. I think that the people who worked at these places did an amazing job, and helped to shorten WW2...
  11. L

    TV code required.

    The TV in my apartment is asking for a key number. I think it's a factory settling number. I can't find it on any site's and have no manual for the TV. It's a SCHAUD LORENZE P250 could anyone recommend me to TV shop in SIde that could help?
  12. suzyq

    New Turkish Commercial Code 2012

    There is now a new Turkish Commercial Code
  13. G

    1045 cheap call code

    Does anyone happen to know if this 1045 cheap call code has been changed. Used it a couple of weeks ago with no problem, but tried today and a message comes over which unfortunately I cannot understand - it's just too fast!
  14. A

    garanti Bank Swift Code

    Hello. Does anyone know what the swift code is for the Garanti 309 bank in Bodrum , trying to transfer money from one overseas account to another and they will not accept the IBAN. been looking and googled and dashed if i can find it.
  15. gerald

    Resort Hoppa discount code

    Code valid for certain dates only but worth a look, its also worth thinking about booking through a cashback site as you may get additional reduction. Resorthoppa Airport Transfers | Popular Resort & City Destinations
  16. P

    Emirates promo code.

    It's a long shot but has anyone got an active code for booking flights with Emirates airlines.
  17. D

    Monarch discount code

    Hi Could some one let me know the Monarch discount code that is on the backpage of voices this week. Thanks
  18. Rosemary1234

    Resorthoppa Discount Code

    myvouchercodes have a 15% discount code for transfers booked before the end August with resorthoppa
  19. T

    Postal address & post code

    Not sure where to put these questions so hope this is OK. How do you find out the full postal address for your property in Turkey? How do you know your post code? Is there a map available in Tosmur Alanya showing post codes for areas?
  20. gerald

    Fly Thomas Cook discount code

    Fly Thomas Cook discount code: TCB10OFF I think its 10% off
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