1. B

    Monumental cock-up

    BBC News - On the Runs scheme 'not amnesty and lawful' says judge BBC News - On the Runs: Reaction to secret fugitive letters report There seems to have been many organisations and individuals responsible for this mess, in which case heads should...
  2. no-nem

    HSBC cockup!

    I see HSBC has lost a disk containing the details of some 370,000 clients. Make sure you ''keep yer and on yer a'penny''!!
  3. Pennie

    turkcell cockup

    Despite having bought my phone two years ago from Migros and using it constantly ever since, I recieved a message off Turkcell that my simcard had been cancelled. I phoned and asked why as I had 90 odd kontours on the phone and god knows how many free Konbari I had been saving and was told that...
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