1. E

    Coarse Wholemeal Flour

    Hi Guys, Anyone know if it is possible to get Coarse Wholemeal Flour in Turkey? I am in the Mahmutlar/Alanya area. Thanks eddiedo
  2. Jaycey

    Coarse fishing in alanya

    We’re new to Alanya and we’d like to get together with any (fair weather) anglers here. Please PM and we’ll get together for coffee and a chat sometime. Thanks Jaycey
  3. C

    Coarse fishing near Marmaris

    Can anyone help me regarding coarse fishing near Marmaris . Up in the hills above Marmaris ther is a very big reservoir that feeds it. Can you fish it if so how do you go about getting permission ? what's th cost Any information would be appreciated Cheers Joe
  4. G

    Coarse fishing in Turkey

    Does anyone know what good fishing is to be had in Turkish rivers and lakes. I have been to Turkey many times but have yet to find time to look into the coarse fishing prospects.
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