1. mollag

    Gis a clue

    Please bear with me as i try to attach a photo of a tree, i would love to know its name, any thoughts? Its from Northern Cyprus
  2. mollag

    Gis a clue

    I have a turkish product and in truth i dont know exactly what it is, i use it as a veggy type stock. Its called Sebzeli Baharatli Cesni [c&s with a ch] Maybe a veggy salt? Help me Rhonda!:smile:
  3. H

    Using a Dolmus - I haven't got a clue

    I've been to Altinkum a few times now and have a villa there. Having two small children, we've basically used either courtesy bus, taxi or walked everywhere - just because we either want to waste time with the kids or it's been easier than getting on one of those cramped looking wee mini buses...
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