1. A

    Any sailplane flying clubs near Istanbul?

    To all pilots.. Is there a sailplane flying club near Istanbul and can you rent a plane there? I have my license and i really want to fly near the Bosporus or Black Sea. I looked in the skies there but i never saw a sailplane, not even a modelplane.
  2. S

    Alanya Golf Clubs x 6

    Can anyone she'd any light on proposed golf clubs in Alanya. I've seen that in Payallar Konakli that land is apparently up for tender to build a new golf course. 6 sites have been earmarked. My research seems to be limited but others may be able to find out more if they are in Alanya. I did see...
  3. D

    JIUJITSU/JUDO martial art clubs in Alanya

    Does anyone know of any martial art clubs in Alanya ? Specifically I am looking for Brazilian jiu-jitsu but Japanese JJ or Judo would also be good. I've googled but found nothing. If anyone knows of any clubs at all I would like to know. Thanks, Dan
  4. Fuzzy

    Golf clubs for sale.

    Full set of Walter Hagen Gents Golf Clubs. Irons--2 thru 9 + Sand Wedge + Pitching Iron + Putter. Woods--1,2,4,5 + Maxi Driver. Black Bag with Zipped Cover. Lots of spare Golf Balls + Tee,s. Like (New Golf Shoes)--Size 11, American Measure. 100 pounds, Complete. Please call Gene on ...
  5. shirleyanntr

    golf clubs wanted

    anybody got a decent set of clubs for sale... a friend is desperate to get her husband out of the house
  6. P

    Golf clubs in Marmaris?

    Hi, Does anybody know of a golf shop in Marmaris? I wish to practice on a beach this Winter and so i am looking to buy a sand wedge and a 7 iron, nothing fancy just basic clubs. If not possible in Marmaris I will post from UK. Cheers P.
  7. I

    Swingers clubs in Alanya

    Just wondering if there's any group, or groups, of swingers in the Alanya region?
  8. L

    clubs in side

    i have a workmate who is looking to book a holiday to turkey this summer and she has asked me if there are clubs in the side area that would be suitable for her late-teenage son and daughter who are hoping to each take a friend on holiday with them i wondered if there enough clubs to satisfy...
  9. S

    Xmas clubs

    This might seem trivial but its something that I just dont understand. What are the advantages of paying into "Park" style Xmas clubs to save for the big day-why not just save in the bank or piggy bank?
  10. scotssteve

    Clubs; Groups; associations etc

    Following the recent and extensive list of bars and restaurants for winter - and a number of posts on activities. Can we put together a list of social activities (other than eating and drinking) which bring people together over the winter and into summer. Topics such as language, reading groups...
  11. W

    Tuzla Area Golf Clubs

    Hi All, I have people asking me about golf in the Tuzla area and I don't know all the answers. Vita golf is now open, is this a full 18 holes now? as I believe it was only 9 holes when first opened. There appears to be a new golf course being built on the road from the side of Artev offices...
  12. L

    sports/social clubs ın Bodrum area

    Hı I am workıng ın Gumbet for the summer. My evenıngs are free and I want to use them constructıvley and to meet new people. I wondered ıf there area any sports or socıal clubs around ( ı am englısh female) thank you
  13. ceemac

    Turkish Clubs To Adopt Scouting Technology?

    As transferring star players in the global football business proves to be more expensive with each season, scouting for young talent becomes evermore important. Scout7, a computer-based system to scout talented young players in the world, is popular among the world's biggest clubs these days...
  14. ceemac

    Turkish Clubs

    Here are the websites in English of the major Turkish clubs (they're not just football clubs incidentally, but play other team sports too); Galatasaray Sports Club Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu Fenerbahce Spor Kulubu Trabzonspor Kulübü C
  15. C

    Sunsail Clubs

    Looks like Sunsail have pulled the plug on there Turkish Clubs, checked there web site no Clubs now in Turkey, shame I went to a couple of these and they were great, maybe its the credit crunch, or they could not get work visa for there English staff who knows. Madeleine:122ia:
  16. T

    singles clubs

    think i might have found the right thread now ,I'm moving to gunlukbasi in 2/3 weeks alone ,i have had house here for 5 years now ,i know a few people in the bars /rest in the calis area but they are all couples and i do feel a bit awkward going out with them sometimes,are there any Singles...
  17. T

    Singles clubs

    Hi i'm new on this forum i must say it is one of the hardest to navigate round that i have been on but here goes again I'm moving to gunlukbasi shortly i know a few people in the calis bars but they are mainly couples ,a singles club would be nice for men and women are there any around thanks.:3:
  18. C

    Enduro Motor cycle bikes clubs etc

    Hi Dennis would like to buy a Enduro motor cycle Yamaha KTM etc does any one know where he can buy one also does anyone else have thease or interests in going out as friends or club when in Dalaman and surrounding arears. Thanks :fencing:
  19. Rezrov

    Social events and clubs

    I have been living in Alanya since february now and probably will be staying for the rest of the year or perhaps longer. I noticed in another thread that international clubs were mentioned, and I wonder if someone has some details about these or suggestions to other social events or clubs with...
  20. L

    Night Clubs in Alanya

    There are plenty of Night clubs in Alanya mostly situated by the Harbour, which is a fantastic location and plenty of space outside these clubs to just chill out on the Harbour if the music gets too much All as far as i know are free to get in but watch the prices they charge for drinks, last...
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