1. C

    Buying tickets for a Turkish club game.

    I want to buy 2 tickets for Alanyaspor Vs Fenerbache this Sunday 21st April (3 days from now). What's the most efficient way to get them? I don't live in Alanya so can't get to the stadium until a few hours before kick off. Thanks!
  2. S

    Club Loyalty

    Very rare to see loyalty to a club these days especially when bigger clubs offer serious cash Am very proud therefore of Celtics Kieran Tierney Everton offered £25 mill yesterday which believe me is mega bucks for players in Scotland with the young lad going to a proper league to ply his...

    Telly club down

    Is anyone else having problems logging on to Telly Club since yesterday ? Have tried emailing Akbukrob but my emails keep getting bounced...anyone have similar issues ?
  4. S

    Laughing stock club

    Rangers: Pedro Caixinha sacked as manager after board meeting - BBC Sport
  5. niyaz

    Club alla turka

    Coming to dalyan for 15 nights . And the place is club alla turka, half board. I do miss Turkey. I am going to hire a diesel Renault for £15 a day in June from superior car hire who i can recommend 100 %.
  6. L

    Sailing club ?

    Are there any sailing clubs in/around Bodrum that offer sailing lessons for children ?
  7. 1

    Groupon - Sunday Times Wine Club!!!

    I receive daily deals from Groupon, some are good, some crap, and some are amazing! A couple of weeks ago I received a Groupon for 12 bottles of red wine for £60, retail price £120, needless to say, I bought 12 bottles and it is fab!!! From the Sunday Times Wine Club. Now it is on sale in...
  8. bal canavar

    Orlando club shooting

    Suspected Islamic extremist opened fire inside Pulse gay club in Orlando in the early hours of this morning Law enforcement sources have identified the shooter as US citizen Omar Mateen, from Port St. Lucie in Florida He killed at least 50 people, injured 53 and took party-goers hostage...
  9. D

    new beach club

    who stop his terrible noisy music the whole day till late in the night. It is forbidden make any construction in the high saison, but disturb all person around with noisy music is ok ?
  10. Y

    Club Aegean Didim

    I'd heard that the Club Aegean had opened its doors to the public again. is this true?
  11. T

    Sunset Basko now running Beach Club at Gultan and Basko beaches.

    More options opening up every year in Tuzla. Suleyman is offering free shuttle services to Gultan and Basko beaches, side by side beaches. Looks like he's running the cafe on Gultan his year.
  12. O

    The Culture Club kicks off!

    Ladies&Gentlemen, The Culture Club kicks off in January! It suits all age groups and genders. It includes: -Turkish language&culture course, -Cooking in Turkish style (soups,desserts,olive oiled Mediterranean foods,vegetarian foods,recipe exchanges), -Library (book and dvd exchange,borrowing)...
  13. hijo

    our new kusadasi social club opening night..

    ...... A Great Night At The New Kusadasi Social Club,A Fantastic Turnout Great Entertainment ,Great Food ..And No Rip Off Prices For Drinks ,Well Done The Committee ,For Putting It All Together ......
  14. C

    24th July Stereo Palma Performance at Club Catamaran

    hi all ! If any of you wanna attend this dj performance, you could buy your tickets at by searching for Stereo Palma. In case of any question, i could help to you. Have fun and have a nice holiday ! Best wishes
  15. immac

    Club Fund Raising

    I am getting involved with a youth sports club in Fethiye - mainly Boxing and Martial Arts. I am keen to help them but want some guidance from others with experience in Turkey - plus related matters on a global front. The club is run by experienced coaches who seem to know their stuff on a...
  16. yalimart

    TLF Wine Club

    Whilst I am not new to wine, I am new to Madeira wine, so I am after some advice on how best to drink it, should I chill it and have it as an aperitif similar to a chilled white port, or leave it at room temperature and have it after my meal, or just quaff it like any other wine. Its just a...
  17. A

    Patio beach club

    Hi any info on patio beach club can you walk into town safely and how far. Does the dolmus stop there . How far on dolmus to altinkum and how much and frequency and last dolmus back i am looking at sept 3rd /2014 or mid June. Any info that is relevant would be appreciated many restaurants or...
  18. L

    Slimming Club in Dalyan

    SLIMMING CLUB Get a few extra pounds as an unwanted Christmas present this year? Why not join our slimming club. Our 1st class will be 11:30am starting Tuesday 7th Janurary and weekly thereafter. Classes will last for approximately 1 hour where we will do a weigh in measuring weight, (and...
  19. bickern

    New Slimming Club in Koycegiz

    For those who have put a few pounds on (for me read that as stones) over the festive season, and can make it to the Siesta Cafe in the square, on Wed morning at 11.00, for a first meeting to discuss what form everyone wants this club to take and to kick about a few ideas. If anyone wants the...
  20. T

    Trekking club

    Hi All Just wondering is there a trekking club in Dalyan? I have a nearly 2 year old girl and would love to join one with her. Any info wold be great. Tks :)
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