1. H

    Donation of clothes

    Hi does anyone know where we can donate clothes? There used to be a facility box on the road but we cannot find it now. TIA
  2. M

    The Emperor's Clothes

    Talking to a Turkish friend last night, he's a staunch supporter of the CHP, yet despite this he has blind faith that there is nothing wrong with the current economic situation. I said, it's not my place to comment but I was really worried for him and the rest of Turkey of what seems to me...
  3. A

    Donate children's toys and clothes in UK

    - If you have any old clothes or toys, could you please post them within a week to:- Carole Hebenstreit 34 Sycamore Ave Wickersley Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 2NR She will be taking them to the poor Syrian children. Thanks for anything you can do. :yipee: Love from Angela x
  4. A89

    Donation of clothes etc for refugees or charity

    Does anyone know how we can donate things for refugees or is anyone wanting clothes / bedding/ Bric-a-brac for a sale? I'm having a clear out and was hoping to donate them to a charity shop here but its too far for me to get it all without transport. alison
  5. A

    Donate clothes or cash to Peru children

    Send Parcels Living Heart is always grateful to receive parcels of: Warm clothes: Thick, knitted, new clothes for babies and children (age 0-10 years (Western sizes)) – especially leggings without feet, hats for the babies that cover the ears and jumpers of all sizes. Also warm jumpers and...
  6. M

    Used clothes to donate in Konya?

    Hello, I'm a foreigner living in Turkey, I have a lot of used clothes ( women, menm baby clothes and shoes ... ) and i need to donate it to the proper place to reach poor people, and because of the language i cant communicate in Turkish with them. can you suggest me and help me with that ...
  7. C

    Donations of 2nd hand clothes

    Hi All - In March will have to clear my mother-in-laws flat. The are many items of clothing still in original packaging plus 2nd hand item of good quality. Also pot, pans, cutlery and crockery. As a family we are anxious that these things should go to someone who needs them - possibly refugees...
  8. L

    shopping for work wear

    hello, I wondered if anyone could recommend any good quality shops where I can buy work clothes in Marmaris, suitable for a teacher. I've looked in the bazar like shops but it's all my fashion wear if that makes sense. TIA!
  9. mollag

    Nigels old clothes

    After decades of wearing the Conservatives discarded policy attire is Noo Labour going for a change of horses in mid stream and do a UKIP mimic? It wouldn't surprise me at all, god forbid they should have socialist policies of their own. From the Gurniad Labour must take tougher line on...
  10. G

    Rotary Clothes Line

    Hi there, does anyone know where I can purchase a rotary clothes line from in either Side, Manavgat or Antalya or does anyone have one to sell? I have looked but cannot seem to see one anywhere but if anyone on here can point me in the right direction, I'd be really grateful. At present I am...
  11. L

    Tailor shop in Alanya?

    Hi All, Me and my wife have a place in Alanya and we're going down for xmas holidays. Anyone here know a decent, well priced tailor in Alanya? We would like to get some clothes done. Any help appreciated, thanks a lot!
  12. J

    Unwanted Clothes

    Hi. Does anyone know of somewhere like a clothing bank in Side where you can drop off unwanted clothes? Thanks.
  13. K

    Possibly old news --clothes shopping

    Hi ,on a trip to Antalya last week -I discovered H+M --very good for residents here who get so frustrated at the lack of clothes shopping . Head towards Ozdelik in Antalya---take the small road before the Ozdelik shopping centre -signposted as Bauhaus which was our original destination(Bauhaus...
  14. K

    Want to donate used clothes for Charities in Istanbul

    We are leaving Istanbul after 12 years, and would like to give some no-longer-needed clothing to some needy charities. Does anyone in Istanbul know where we can do this?
  15. pembelu

    baby clothes 0-3 etc FOR SALE

    various bits for sale some new unworn 0-3 now but more in future moses basket newborn carrier/nappy bag many from uk can send pics /prices/ info via email if you PM me to be collected from Koycegiz thanks
  16. A

    Didim Council clothes donations

    Hello ....i seem to remember someone telling me that the is a place at the council office that you can donate unwanted clothes for the poor...or that Chatty Chicks do a jumble sale and donate the funds to this cause...i just have done a huge spring clean and do not want to bin the stuff..and can...
  17. Ms Who

    VAN clothes donations needed by 4pm tomorrow

    Anyone with that wants to send clothes donations to VAN, please make them up into a package (paper, plastic bag etc. but it must be something that can be written on). U can take them into our offıce (Ugur Organisation/Didim Beach Homes and Rentacar Ddidim) - next to Tıkkınlar supermarket ) on...
  18. M

    Rotary clothes line & roundup weedkiller

    Does anyone know where I can buy the above or similar? I need heavy duty weed-killer and sprayer for private road. Thanks.
  19. V

    baby clothes

    Are there any shops in Side that sell baby clothes or gifts? Also where can I buy greetings cards thanks jacqui
  20. Minajayne

    childrens suits/wedding clothes

    My sister in law is getting married and i need to find some smart trousers/shirts for my boys (aged 3 and 4). I think its too hot for a proper little suit each. Dont want to spend a fortune either as they'll only get worn once....anyone know of somewhere in Turgutreis, or more likely, Bodrum...
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