1. Freedom 49

    Kurban Bank Closure.

    Just a thought. If any of you need to do any banking then you have an hour or so left to get there today. Next week, most banks will be closing at Midday on Monday as Kurban Bayram kicks in on Tuesday. Apparently, they will be closed for the rest of next week, opening again with regular hours...
  2. Philogic

    G20 Road Closure

    I have been told by a leading transfer company that the Serik to Antalya road will be closed during the G20 Summit in Belek. This will add hours to transfers to and from the airport. Better check it out!
  3. T

    British Solidarity Closure

    British Solidarity helped quite a few people in the past. We were given the name of a very good solicitor in Soke. Unfortunately he doesn't speak English and now British Solidarity has closed we have no way of contacting him. Fulya Onder who suggested this solicitor was our contact and...
  4. T

    hospitals under threat of closure

    Without any vote or consultation the UK Government are talking about passing a law so they can close hospitals. Of course the land the hospitals are on is a very valuable asset paid for out of public funds. :27:
  5. G

    Post Office closure.

    Hi I am out to Side for just a week- Tuesday 15 to 22 October. I've heard that the P.O. will be closed-I usually bring sterling and exchange for lira when in Side but have hear that it is Bayram holiday and P.O. etc will be closed. My question is - when do they re-open? I have bills to pay so...
  6. Freedom 49

    Facebook closure in turkey?

    Not being a Facebook user this is not the be all & end all of anything for me as regards my day to day living. However, Cengiz my work colleague has just read that this Friday, 14th June, R.T.E. will put a closure on Facebook use in Turkey. :wacko: Certain restrictions I could find acceptable...
  7. K

    tapu office closure

    Can anyone tell me what's happening now the Land registry office has closed in Didum. As I've just bought an apartment and the payments due I'm concerned about paying all this money if the Military Checks and Tapu wont be issued. My solicitor said it should be OK but taking 8 - 10 weeks before...
  8. perfect1949

    the anger manager thread

    after parrot had an unprovoked swipe at me Quote: Originally Posted by perfect1949 I'm sure one day they will give some good news for the suffering UK residents . dave Families' 13 years of frozen incomes: In 2015 households will be earning no more than they did in 2002 | Mail Online With...
  9. 1

    Habitation Cert & Complex closure

    Hi all, Hope someone can help here. Some people on our complex have their tapu, and some of us are still waiting. The complex was completed 5 years ago, but no one on the complex has their HC, even those who have their tapu. Are HCs difficult to obtain. I have been told that unless the HCs are...
  10. M

    datca harbour closure ?

    i am writing on behalf of my mother who is a property owner in datca, as we live in england we are not sure as we have heard various stories what is actually going on in datca? althouth we see it as if the harbour does close this is not very good as the harbour is very much a part of the reason...
  11. P

    Practical Winter Closure Tips

    Hello Everyone, we are new to villa ownership in Turkey but looking forward to a second brief spell in our new house in Dalaman. We will be shutting up of course for the winter and would be really grateful to more experienced members who could perhaps advise us on practical steps we need to take...
  12. Akasya

    Thread closure Pakistani brothers murdered

    For once i am at a loss, the thread was clearly posted in the padded room, the Subject and content was very clearly alluded to, the worst of it's barbarous content was occluded by the donor media, it was carried on all countries web sites, the BBC still gives it prominence. Whoever complained...
  13. P

    Another closure.

    Am I allowed to ask why the thread "I'm thinking of becomming gay"was closed.From what I could see it was all in fun and mostly taken that way with the exception of a few one of whom made 5 posts,done herself no favours with them and then deleted them,IMHO.A little while later it was closed!
  14. mollag

    Bodrum - Airport road closure?

    It seems that on Mon morn, early, the road to the airport past Guvercinlik was closed, cars being diverted via Mumcular. Any news on the road? is it use again? Cheers :smile:
  15. P

    Another closure

    Yet again another post closed,"spelling and grammar"why or am I not allowed to ask.Anything to do with the censorship which doesn't exist.There was nothing untoward,a bit of banter then closure.
  16. S

    Thread Closure

    Not having been a member very long, I was under the impression this was an 'open' forum. If members of the forum are unhappy; is this not the place for them to air their grievances? Having read all of the treads, interlinked by one feature, I get the impression that members who have had a...
  17. merlin

    Governor of Ankara seeks closure of gay group....

    The governor of Turkey’s capital Ankara has asked the courts to order the closure of a newly-formed gay rights group, a move that could anger the European Union which has demanded Turkey guarantee freedom of expression. The Ankara governor’s office said the Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural...
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